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  1. Rev counter bouncin when idleing

    Martin , Air flow sensor also called Maff sensor , as said above . This measures the temperature of the air flow , sends the signal to the ecu that in turn controls the mixture. If it sends an incorrect measurement then the mixture will be wrong . The affects would be more noticeable when the engine is not up to temperature.
  2. Charging car battery at home

    You won’t need to reset anything. It’s absolutely fine to disconnect. Done it many times on my i40 mate. although worth noting , with a low battery it’s worth driving with heated rear window and lights ,air con etc ON. this is because the alternator will only charge battery while under load. some eco crap reason for that.
  3. Rear brakes binding

    Nice write up bunny. As iv invested in the correct tool to wind the pistons back I think I’ll stick to using that . Your hands on sort of fella your obviously capable going by your script . im pretty sure what your saying wouldent actually be that difficult given the time . a couple of hrs each side ???
  4. Where to source replacement clutch

    Once you factor in the labour it's probely very similar. my local Hyundai dealer have just upped their labour to £99 an hour.
  5. mark philpott

    Yes no problem , iv disconnected many times without an issue. where did you source yours , I couldn't find anywhere other than main dealer unless I was prepared to wait at least a couple of days. needed urgently so paid the price. Although once your original 2 yr warrenty is out Hyundai supply with a 3 yr warrenty.
  6. Rev counter bouncin when idleing

    Maybe the mass air flow sensor. Mine needed replacing. Disconnect it to see if theirs an improvement. If so then it needs replacing. runs off the air filter.
  7. Charging points

    They squeezed me in today for a battery check, battery is good. Booked in for 2weeks time to look deeper. Strangly my devices give the sign that they are Charging although it seems there's only a trickle going in. Affecting the USB and cig lighter charging points. Any ideas anyone, could it possibly be the alternator? Can't use my car for work like this but just ordered what seems as a decent portable power bank from amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B012V9H3WA/ref=pe_942301_45935611_TE_n_id hopfully this will keep my devices running for 13 hrs a day for now.
  8. Charging points

    My 12v charging points aren't putting in enough juice to actually charge a device although it says it's charging. booked in for battery test in the morning. Anyone else had similar
  9. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    http://www.hyundai.co.uk/about-hyundai/blue-drive assuming you saw this here land cross , I'm also assuming it's blue drive only. Mines not blue drive but im on my 4th battery, unfortunately no longer under Hyundai warranty.
  10. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    Is this for stop start i40s only.????
  11. Left headlight replacement

    There's a metal wired like spring you need to on one side move across to release. That holds to bulb in place. It's awkward with a larger hard that's for sure.
  12. Front brake discs

    And the minimum width is 8mm . Iv looked this up before after being told the same Get a calliper on them, their probely around 12mm
  13. Front brake discs

    TBH there not difficult if you have a little knowledge. eurocarparts using code save30 offer a pair for around £80. if I remember rightly it's just the one screw and they slide off. the pads are as easy as any other model iv done . If you have the confidence, couldn't be easier. good luck
  14. EGR valve

    From what I can make out the inlet pipe matches so I'd take a pun Gaz
  15. Lower front under brace

    So we can see the advantages , what are the disadvantages?