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  1. Yes, blanked on the picture above behind the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator. on the picture above the side of cooler laying face down is the side that actual fixes alongside the right hand side of engine. To the right of the picture where the two bolt holes are visible would be facing up whilst fixed to the engine . The two bolt holes where I blanke face the back end of cooler. below the picture shows where I fixed the blank , it's the Same as the front as in two bolts either side of hole. difficult to see with this picture the exact location I know . To the right you can just make out the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator. as stated above , it would be an easier job to blank at the front (right hand side of the picture ) but that could also throw up a engine light.
  2. The one i bought will do you, you won't get any instructions with any of them , i haven't when buying for 3 different cars. Engine light comes on if you just disconnect. wish I could help more
  3. Well, I checked my spare key and it didn't work. so I swapped the battery's over with the key that does work. result was that the spare still didn't work but the usual key still works with either battery. obviously my worry is that if I lose key the spare won't work. no longer under warrenty as I've done my 140,000 service myself. Anyone with any bright ideas??
  4. My radiator was replaced under warrenty. strangly enough it's more that likely good news that you seem to be losing a large amount of water. that would point to as Gareth says, radiator or possibly leaky hose. You don't want the dreaded bottom end need replacing. although I suppose it could be your water pump which presumably your all warranted for.
  5. Well there's a number of company's online that you can send a sample of your oil to. that will tell you percentage of fuel if any is in your oil as well as other data.
  6. problems

    You could try disconnecting the ecu. It's it's sits just behind the battery .
  7. There is a gasket but as you say , very thin. would be interested to know how much crap you find if an when you have a butchers at the throttle body.
  8. As far as I can make out , it's just a simple matter of stopping the circulation through the the EGR system. But , like you say, ideally with out the need of a hole in the blank . i presume the sealant would be if your installing extra pipe work and such. Paying an extra pound for 3mm rather than 1.5mm just seems sensible to me. For anyone wanting to make life slightly easier , blank at the EGR with a hole to stop eml.
  9. Four pictures with instructions sent via whatsapp gaz.
  10. Recieved , will send as soon as I get a moment
  11. Yep, I'm on whatsapp. It's your number I need then????
  12. Gaz, iv tried to add photos but the site won't for some reason let me. I'm no good at that sort of thing. i could email them to you and maybe you could have a pop at putting them on here.
  13. Have tried to attach photo of an egr cooler. if you can view then it's the left hand end on the picture that I blanked . right hand side is where the egr bolts onto the cooler. Hope this will help . As said above , I will look for more tips tomorrow gaz
  14. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152126137284 its not that difficult a job tbh was not much more than removing engine cover. removed hose to the turbo for easy access. may of only removed hose at the turbo end as right now I can't recall. will have a look tomorrow as to jog my mind on what else I had to do.