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  1. Messages and address please mate
  2. How do I our them up .???? I'm not getting anywhere
  3. Replaced my fuel filter today. Thought I'd share this as it's something I feel all members should take note of. Whenever I replace my fuel filter I also remove fuel pump ( fuel tank end ) and give it a clean. Bareing in mind I do this every 20000 miles I think you'll be surprised with the crap contained in the pump. pictures I hope to be able to show to follow.
  4. Whenever my dealer serviced mine , On every occasion the oil level would be above the mark. wether they just have a certain amount they just plonk in you'll never know. iv always found that the oil turns black almost immediately tbh. iv just ordered oil & filter today to do at the weekend. I do it 10000 miles religiously. I'll take note of how of how long it takes the oil to turn .
  5. I'm presuming that there's no real point in panicking unless the oil level raises upwards.?? it doesn't seem to be getting any worse since I 1st noticed it around 6k ago.
  6. 1000 miles done with replacement and no engine light. im losing some coolant , around half a litre every 2000 miles. iv found some coolant spill sitting over the gear box down the back to the left of the battery. cant make out where that's come from though. no gain in oil level .
  7. Bottom line is , I'm saving fuel, and I also note that he Doesn't make any claim about how blanking the EGR is damaging your engine in any way. I'm sure he would of done If he could, kind of makes me feel better .
  8. Had engine light appear a couple of weeks ago, trouble code P2021 .Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Range/Performance. 1st thing I decided was to remove blank i fitted to the EGR but code reappeared. Reseach pointed me in the direction of throttle body sensor which would normally cost around £50. But, you guessed it, the sensor is incorporated in the throttle body so a completely new throttle body was looking like the next step. quoted Over £300 for a new one. Found one with 9000 miles on it on eBay at £37 and fitted today. Also refitted the blank to EGR. All seems well but will give it a couple of100 miles before I'm satisfied. also worth mentioning that my mpg when down 3mpg whilst blank was removed.
  9. Kia Optima with just 50k on the clock. Before they would even look at the dpf they insisted on replacing injectors. They then tried blaming inferior engine oil. was down to 30mpg. All good now.
  10. A friend has just been round the block like yourself but with Kia, same engine as I've looked . kia done this and that , until finally finding the fault. DPF replacement. His problem started with loss of power as he came off the moterway. good luck mate.
  11. 155000 miles, Crankshaft pull just gone. £238 + vat. Talked stores into a 10% discount. £80 labour from my local trusted mechanic. Anyone else had this ??
  12. Presumably you've been given a price for that. although sounds visible within all my internet browsing of the subject , that's the 1st I've heard of that. could possibly be what the industry has decided to put out there , nothing like a bit of fake news in this day an age gaz
  13. Over a 7000 mile period an increase of 3% on mpg, saving me £8 a week.
  14. This will be of interest to you Ken. puts to bed their safety claim. https://www.2carpros.com/articles/car-pulls-right-or-left-when-driving-or-braking
  15. Gazwould. I reckon your spot on. Good luck with whichever way you decide to go.