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  1. Kia Optima with just 50k on the clock. Before they would even look at the dpf they insisted on replacing injectors. They then tried blaming inferior engine oil. was down to 30mpg. All good now.
  2. A friend has just been round the block like yourself but with Kia, same engine as I've looked . kia done this and that , until finally finding the fault. DPF replacement. His problem started with loss of power as he came off the moterway. good luck mate.
  3. 155000 miles, Crankshaft pull just gone. £238 + vat. Talked stores into a 10% discount. £80 labour from my local trusted mechanic. Anyone else had this ??
  4. Presumably you've been given a price for that. although sounds visible within all my internet browsing of the subject , that's the 1st I've heard of that. could possibly be what the industry has decided to put out there , nothing like a bit of fake news in this day an age gaz
  5. Over a 7000 mile period an increase of 3% on mpg, saving me £8 a week.
  6. This will be of interest to you Ken. puts to bed their safety claim. https://www.2carpros.com/articles/car-pulls-right-or-left-when-driving-or-braking
  7. Gazwould. I reckon your spot on. Good luck with whichever way you decide to go.
  8. The pipe you picture above joins the cooler on the left-hand side of the picture back of engine where I blanked. That's correct is it gazworld????. I'm having memory loss here. The flange on the right has a pipe joining up to area of the of the throttle body. Tbh I'm not right up on the actual workings of these things but am convinced I've stopped airflow through the egr with no engine light which was the objective.
  9. As you know. It's not the same as the one I got . Distance between the two bolts would need to the crucial part. You need to do some research on weather the i30 egr is the same as the i40.
  10. No polly, You should be fine. I've disconnected a fews times no issues. Might be an idea to unplug the ecu 1st if your not convinced. Just behind battery, lever that sits on top of ecu, pull up to disconnect. I did this a few weeks ago whilst blanking the egr.
  11. Yes, blanked on the picture above behind the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator. on the picture above the side of cooler laying face down is the side that actual fixes alongside the right hand side of engine. To the right of the picture where the two bolt holes are visible would be facing up whilst fixed to the engine . The two bolt holes where I blanke face the back end of cooler. below the picture shows where I fixed the blank , it's the Same as the front as in two bolts either side of hole. difficult to see with this picture the exact location I know . To the right you can just make out the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator. as stated above , it would be an easier job to blank at the front (right hand side of the picture ) but that could also throw up a engine light.
  12. The one i bought will do you, you won't get any instructions with any of them , i haven't when buying for 3 different cars. Engine light comes on if you just disconnect. wish I could help more
  13. Well, I checked my spare key and it didn't work. so I swapped the battery's over with the key that does work. result was that the spare still didn't work but the usual key still works with either battery. obviously my worry is that if I lose key the spare won't work. no longer under warrenty as I've done my 140,000 service myself. Anyone with any bright ideas??
  14. My radiator was replaced under warrenty. strangly enough it's more that likely good news that you seem to be losing a large amount of water. that would point to as Gareth says, radiator or possibly leaky hose. You don't want the dreaded bottom end need replacing. although I suppose it could be your water pump which presumably your all warranted for.