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  1. Oil overfill problem

    On a Service they do tend to fill to max so hopefully it’ll be fine.
  2. Coolant conundrum

    You know your getting old when, you can’t remember the colour of the coolant you put in your car only 3 months ago. id have a butchers if only the tea leafs had not chord my car. The point is though, it don’t matter what colour it is as you can safely mix with any other colour.
  3. Choosing between 2 i40s

    Agree with abbs.
  4. Coolant conundrum

    My main dealer would only supply prestone anti-freeze. They told me the reason was that it’s guaranteed to mix safely with any other. And never use any anti freeze neat other than topping up which you should never really have to do.
  5. Car stolen

    Every 10k servicing on a new i40 absolutely killed it for too. Its every 10k on a Toyota so if that’s the size your looking for bear in mind the boots easily as big on the ionic. Im getting 63.5 mpg cabbing mainly around town saving me a tenner a day against the i40. That alone pays half my finance making a hybrid a no brainier for me. Heated steering wheel heated front and rear seats plus ventilated fronts. Wireless charging, Android and Apple play and smart cruise. I’m loving it.
  6. Choosing between 2 i40s

    DAB radio and an upgrade to a 7 speed auto gearbox , just the two things I know of.
  7. Car stolen

    No idea mate. What’s the problem with the long life Gaz?
  8. Car stolen

    Sorry Gaz , never read your post correctly. This what I used ,
  9. Car stolen

    My i40 was serviced every 20.000 up to 100.000 Then when my warranty was up I did my own servicing every 10.000. Up to 190.000. 13/plate.
  10. Car stolen

    Mine did , up to 100.000 miles.
  11. Car stolen

    Just done 2000 miles in the 1st 2 weeks of owning an ionic. Boot space is surprisingly large outdoing the Prius and Auris on that score. Averaging 61.5 mpg so far saving me a tenner a day in fuel . I’m starting to enjoy it more as you really do start to work out how to drive it to it’s full potential the more time you spend in it. adaptable cruise , heated steering wheel, heated front and rear seats as well as ventilated front seats. Even as the option for the wing mirrors to automatically tilt downwards while reversing. Obviously it’s without the power of the i40 but sports mode has twice the effectiveness of the i40. Going back to cruise control you can choose between 3 different settings concerning the response. For the record iv got the premium Se with gray leather. And the tyres are 30 notes a piece cheaper than the i40. Servicing is every 10k although so is the i40 now on any new one purchased. Would highly recommend to anyone on hear who ends up with their i40 nicked.
  12. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    Iv had a leaking radiator replaced under warrenty, as have a few others on here I seem to recall.
  13. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    When mine was diagnosed it was just in for a service. I had not noticed any drop in my coolant level. I just wish that at the time I’d asked how it was diagnosed.
  14. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    Call 0800981981, The 1st words you will hear are, thank you for calling hyundai. We’d like to hear your getting a good service. I had words with them last week and they were more than helpful. I think you need to ask if you can go to another dealer for a free check although your out of warranty. Good luck
  15. Fuel gauge issue

    The float could be stuck on the rear fuel pump that’s accessible from the boot. Iv removed this during some maintenance in the past. You would need to remove the black felt panel that’s directly behind the back seat. Once removed you can see it on the right hand corner. A dozen or so 10mm bolts hold the pump down into the fuel tank. 2 fuel lines need unplugging from the top of the pump before removal. Once you’ve Lifted pump up out of the fuel tank you should be able to move the float freely. Their are some pictures in an earlier threat from page 5 under the heading ,fuel filter. whilst your pump is out , a good clean I’m sure wouldent go a miss.