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  1. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    If it’s not doing the job required then surely your warrenty would kick in. You did mention you had the same battery fitted as me in the other thread. I Just assumed you had the non stop start. Did they actually recommend the 030 or did you tell them thats the one that you wanted.?
  2. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    On my previous battery I had that issue , particular bolt didn’t seem to tighten correctly. I fixed it by I seem to remember with a pair of multi grips or similar. Think I just squeezed slightly round the terminal block so as to create a slight oval shape . Tightened onto terminal , job done. I enquired at the time to the dealer about a replacement block and they said whole black plastic box was required. They did quote but can’t remember how much.
  3. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Umm, I’m pretty sure the size is the same so can’t see how they had a problem. I do still have the old battery in my garage . Will measure up at the weekend as it’s down the road. I guess their saying the new battery is higher??. on another note I purchased the new toy while I was having my battery issue as I can’t do without my car for any period of time. I can recommend to anyone looking for a battery jumper pack . Not cheap but it’s the mutts. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015TKUPIC/ref=pe_1909131_77697121_tnp_email_TE_AMZLdp_1
  4. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    No issues, fits just as the OEM. A vast increase in starter motor speed although I had got used to listening to a dodgy battery for the last couple of weeks. My dealer tested after I said I thought it was on its way out but they said it was all good. It then failed again so Halfords tested and and gave me the reading that stated that 1 of the 6 cells was bad. I then emailed my dealer who refused keep up my warranty . make of that what you will.
  5. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    lesser quality battery for CCA / Ah , to just outlast the warranty... just paid £93 at Halfords for a new battery. Hyundai wanted £130 for my last battery. oe is AH 70 & Startup power 540. completly agree Gaz AH: 75AH Bench Charge: 4 Amps Dimensions (LxDxH): 267x172x220mmv Guarantee: 5 Years Startup Power: 640 Amps Weight (kg): 18.86kg
  6. Mine pulls annoyingly to the left but I have to say that it doesn’t seem to effect the tyre wear. Had the tracking done twice with minimal adjustment. My dealer just comes out with the usual crap. “ Camber sir “. Well that’s strange cos when I drive on the other side of the road it still pulls to the left. If what they say was correct then surely it would then pull to the right???????
  7. Terry

    20/30.000m ???? Gaz, you’ll be surprised how many people leave it.
  8. Terry

    Terry, any update on your issue?? My mates hoping he now has it sorted as they have now replaced the exhaust pressure sensor which was the probably cause to the blocked dpf. Apparently a faulty sensor means a regeneration whilst dpf is not up to temperature. This sensor should always be replaced alongside a dpf replacement.
  9. Terry

    always have mine on max level
  10. Terry

    Will be doing again in a couple of weeks. Will extract, then see how much more drops after. Tbh, I may of misread measurement of extracted oil. May of been 5L. We will see. Won't bother me too much as I change every 10.000M so any left in wouldn't be too old. If your changing every 20/30.000M then obviously more of an issue.
  11. I40 coolant loss

    Iv also had a new radiator under warrenty, Last coolant lose issue was a hole in the hose that runs from the bulk head to the egr cooler. Took a while to suss that one out as the hose has a sleeve running over part of it and guess where the hole was, yep, you got it . Under the sleeve.
  12. Clutch problem, any thoughts?

    Tunbridge Wells is also my main dealers and I also have a happy tale from last weekend. Rang them last Thursday as I thought my battery was playing up. They managed to fit me in Saturday morning. Gave a full battery check and found no issues but charged me absolutely nothing for their time. Cant fault to be fair. Two months previous they they did the same as well and while I was there I managed to grab a technician about my spare fob that no longer worked. When I collected the car the spare was left on the dash and worked perfectly. Although I do like to do my own serviceing there will always be times when it’s appropriate to use a main dealer.
  13. Coolant flush & thermostat replacement

    Replaced thermostat today. My advice is , unless your mechanical minded get the main dealer to do it. would probably only be an hours labour. After jacking up and removing under belly I found the thermostat was located at the top of the engine. took me over 3 hours once I worked out how to access it. Iv no doubt it’s made awkward so to stop the likes of me taking the job on. Access is made easier once you’ve removed the battery, top of air filter and the hose to the turbo. Just two bolts on top of housing need to be removed. To get to one particular bolt on thermostat housing ,I had to remove the cover from the vacuum pump. Now I never realised although a few on here would, that once you’ve removed the vacuum pump cover it’s a nasty little awkward job to put back on. The screws are not great as I managed to break off a head whilst screwing back on. As suspected, the thermostat needed replacing as temperature gauge is now back to normal. After all that I couldn’t be arsed to flush the coolant . That’s for another day.
  14. Iv always kept one eye on my temperature gauge & in the past noted my gauge gets to one notch under 90c within around 3 miles wether in the summer months or winter. Just recently I noticed the gauge is taking up to 5 to 6 miles to reach temperature and once up to temperature I turn the heating up it falls back down. I suspecting the thermostat is sticking open. Anyone else noticed similar in the past or have any tips on the thermostat replacement.
  15. What engine oil ?

    https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-6362-mobil-1-esp-5w-30-fully-synthetic-engine-oil.aspx with your filter from here taking you to over £40 gets free delivery . i use this site regularly