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  1. Placing a St George Cross over it would be perfectly good and proper.
  2. Friend of mine has a Kia Optima that carries the same 1.7 engine. now 5 weeks ago he had Kia replace an injector as fuel was in the oil. Two days ago he took out 3.5 litres of oil for it to sit at the correct level. As he never check oil level after work was done he now wonders weather they changed injector without replacing oil or bothered draining surplus oil. Interesting to see how longer his engine continues. Only gets 30mpg at the moment. So for those thinking of moving to Kia for better workmanship I'd seriously thing again.
  3. On the warrenty of the new engine , that's normal I'm across the board I'm afraid. i had a 5 yr warrenty on a washing machine where they couldent find the problem. they gave me a brand new machine after 4 yrs 10 months but told me the new machine would only carry a 2 month warrenty. i had a new bottom block at 30k , done 148k and relatively good right now so good luck mate.
  4. I'm planning on blanking the egr. Looks difficult to get to. Would be grateful for any advice on access .
  5. Max to min in 8 weeks???? That's not good aldredd, where do you wonder it goes to?. you wanna be changing your oil very frequently, I presume your oil level rises in that 8 weeks.
  6. well it could be that there is nothing actually wrong with the rear brakes. So, even if your local man doesn't have equipment required I'm sure he could diagnose at worst by just removing a wheel. Will take ten minutes at worst. and remember , if your car just passed its mot then it's not a safety issue just what dealer says is advisable. so it's not anything you need to do asap. westkent
  7. Don't know about the clutch, I've never needed one changed before though either. if your discs and pads are low I don't see how that would have any effect on a sticky hand brake. have you not got an electric handbrake? you can actually see if your pads need replacing visually with a torch . my rear pads need changing around every 50000 and I've now done 140000 and not had to replace rear discs. i can't believe there not having you over Gary.
  8. Fronts I get 25k the rears possibly 50k. you don't really wanna be paying out for new tyres until you need to. its the same with discs and pads, they always make out there on there way out with plenty of wear still there.
  9. Battery only has a 2 yr warrenty, mines on its 4th at 140.000m. last one was £130 supply and fit by main dealer. apologies indalo. ps , thought you'd of known about the 2yr warrenty ,lol
  10. Battery only has a 2 yr warrenty, mines on its 4th at 140.000m. last one was £130 supply and fit by main dealer. apologies indalo. ps , thought you'd of known about the 2yr warrenty ,lol
  11. Excuse my ignorance but, isg??????
  12. Just been quoted by my main dealer for supply & fit of a new heater matrix £1480. was told this includes 9 yes nine hours labour. Really????? matrix it's self is around £350. Indalo, I've taken on board your comments but think £6 for a bottle of radweld will be plan A.
  13. The last few weeks I've noticed a burning type smell only when air con was on. i then also noticed the coolant header tank was down by half an inch. online search pointed me in the direction of heater matrix next to the radiator. turned on air con to lowest temperature and also turned heater fan to max. couldent see any leaks but after sitting back in the driver seat realised that just above my knees were damp. So it looks like it's spraying out through front of the car grill. Genna try some rad weld at the weekend , hopefully that will be that but will report back.
  14. Thanks abbs
  15. Edited