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  1. Coolant loss solved

    Over the past 3 or 4 months of losing approximately 1 litre of coolant every 2000 miles today the temperature gauge rose by 2 notches . checked under the hood and no coolant whatsoever. Top of the engine soaked. Coolant hose that runs from the bulk head to the EGR cooler he'd a pin prick . £55 for a replacement is on order. in the mean time iv slid the jubilee clip holding hose to bulk head down over the hole and that's working just fine for now. Well happy with myself for that, proven top bodger, that's me!
  2. Excessive front tyre wear

    Winter tyres are hard summer are much softer, not sure if certain brands tend to be harder or softer than others . Iv kept to hankook tyres in the main and found them as good if not better than any other.
  3. Excessive front tyre wear

    Winter tyres are soft,summer are much harder, not sure if certain brands tend to be harder or softer than others though
  4. Excessive front tyre wear

    As iv always been lead to believe gazza, That's why I'm puzzled. I'm genna keep mine at a strict 35psi and see what happens.
  5. Excessive front tyre wear

    I wouldent up the pressure. As mentioned earlier in this thread, when I upped from 35 to 38 they wore on the out and the inner. went from 25k down to 15k
  6. Pollen filter

    Incorrectly fitted , rush job.
  7. Excessive front tyre wear

    Yes , iv had the 4 wheel alignment and only a slight adjustment at the rear was required. i also seem to suffer from wear on the outside fronts. Around 5000 miles ago I decided to up the pressure from the approved 35 to 38. Iv just 2hrs ago ordered 2 new tyres as it seems upping the pressure had an adverse effect. Think I'll stick to 35 psi from here on.
  8. Excessive front tyre wear

    Under inflated for outside wear????
  9. Fuel pump

    Messages and address please mate
  10. Fuel pump

    How do I our them up .???? I'm not getting anywhere
  11. Fuel pump

    Replaced my fuel filter today. Thought I'd share this as it's something I feel all members should take note of. Whenever I replace my fuel filter I also remove fuel pump ( fuel tank end ) and give it a clean. Bareing in mind I do this every 20000 miles I think you'll be surprised with the crap contained in the pump. pictures I hope to be able to show to follow.
  12. Not good

    Whenever my dealer serviced mine , On every occasion the oil level would be above the mark. wether they just have a certain amount they just plonk in you'll never know. iv always found that the oil turns black almost immediately tbh. iv just ordered oil & filter today to do at the weekend. I do it 10000 miles religiously. I'll take note of how of how long it takes the oil to turn .
  13. Throttle body

    I'm presuming that there's no real point in panicking unless the oil level raises upwards.?? it doesn't seem to be getting any worse since I 1st noticed it around 6k ago.
  14. Throttle body

    1000 miles done with replacement and no engine light. im losing some coolant , around half a litre every 2000 miles. iv found some coolant spill sitting over the gear box down the back to the left of the battery. cant make out where that's come from though. no gain in oil level .
  15. EGR valve

    Bottom line is , I'm saving fuel, and I also note that he Doesn't make any claim about how blanking the EGR is damaging your engine in any way. I'm sure he would of done If he could, kind of makes me feel better .