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  1. Does anyone have experience of retrofitting the front parking sensors kit for the i10, either by self or dealer fitting, is it worth the cost, and does it integrate with the existing rear sensors electrics. Any comments would be appreciated.
  2. The issue of the 'phantom' Scottish Flag on the windscreen still exists. My 2016 i10 had the marks on the top left (from inside) of the screen, I guess it is the shipping documents in a plastic wallet. Sticky Stuff Remover is also good for any kind of sticky label residue.
  3. Hello No is the short answer, I can only assume they are holding back some of the 'goodies' including intermittent wipers for the rear window to tempt punters into buying a later version! I ordered the car without looking at an example first, so with regard to the colour,I only have myself to blame, because Sparkling Aqua Blue it sure ain't, it's just Aqua Blue!!! If I polish it till my arms drop off, it will probably shine a bit more.
  4. Christmas greetings all. Can anyone point me in the direction for getting the circuit diagram for the rear wiper system, as I want (if possible) to convert to int. wipe using a Vellerman DIY kit, but need to identify the wires in the loom. I'm not fussed about the 'warranty issues', just fed up with Hyundai's lack of action to fit it as standard. Thanks.
  5. I have ordered a new Premium SE i10 automatic, looking at the spec list, I notice a baffling statement that 'cruise control' is only fitted to manual transmission. I do not understand Hyundai's reason for the omission. I asked the Dealer to contact Hyundai and ask why, still waiting! If anyone has any idea as to what is the reason for 'manual only', I would be grateful.
  6. Hi HobKnob I have a 2013 i40 (fantastic tourer) am now into my second rear camera. The weather proofing seems poor, and is prone to letting in damp, if this is the case, the camera is scrap! Another problem is the camera gets all the rain muck during motoring, so by the time you have to reverse, its 'looking at fog'. The i30 camera is protected behind the rear Hyundai logo badge which hinges up to reveal a nice clean camera!!
  7. Hi indalo, and thank you for your welcome. Yes it sounds as if my experience is a USB stick issue only, I notice I made an error, on the second to last line, it should have read AAC to MP3, sorry if that confused anyone, Happy listening. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I now have a 2013 i40. Previously a 2006 Santa Fe, I mention this because Hyundai seem to cling onto certain bits of old technology (perhaps for sentimental reasons!). The Santa Fe had a cassette player in the media stack!! The i40 aux. USB input will only accept MP3, nothing later, like AAC, which is what Apple uses. So to use a USB stick for your music (which I find the best way) from an Apple iTunes library, I have to use an App Store (about £1.60) AAC to USB converter app. easy to use and a compact type stick (short) means I can close the cover and leave the iPod at home. Hope this may be of some help/use.