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  1. That don't sound good Gareth. Think everyone apart from Hyundai the cause of that one. Just a pity Hyundai have buried its corporate head in the sand and haven't done any proactive recalls to prevent failure or even acknowledge that coolent/fuel getting into engine oil.
  2. Pics and links would help us see what you have done?
  3. Yeah I've had that, yet another parking sensor fault
  4. Try a few other Hyundai dealers in your area first. My Hyundai dealership charges £199 but I'm in North West
  5. Yep, I go through at least one parking sensor every service as I can't afford to keep taking the vehicle off the road every time the toyRus parking sensors fail
  6. I would be interested on the engine numbers as it sounds very much to me like Hyundai are reworking returned blocks. I makes sense to rework and not scrap the blocks but if you have already suffered 2 failures then commercial sense must be over ruled by product reputation and a brand new non reconditionef engine be fitted.
  7. Is that a courtesy car or a hire car ? I would suggest Gary that you find another Hyundai dealer for future work as those £15 are really going to start to add up. Ive used 2 different Hyundai dealerships for work on my i40 and neither have charged anything for a courtesy car.
  8. Hi Gary, sounds like the rear pads/discs have worn down in such a short time due to the hand brake sticking on thus the EPB not releasing fully which I would argue if "inherent" mechanical failure which is covered under warranty. Inherent being the most important word in the claim. As for the clutch, a sticking EPB would also cause premature wear to this item as well as all the other well documented issues with the i40 clutch which is why they have quoted you such a ridiculous low price for a clutch replacement. You could try another Hyundai dealer or raise the issue with Hyundai UK. The rear brakes are not so difficult to do both I & westkent do our own rear brakes just as easy as the front with the maintenance tool which paid for itself on the first change. £200 for the tool £40 rear pads. I also got some new pair brembro discs over Xmas in the mister auto Black Friday for £65 which I will fit with my next set of pads. Good to see Indalo on the forum still. Andy.
  9. Got to agree with you Gaz
  10. Westkent, you may want to delete your vin number from your post. Your i40 must of been on the same boat to the UK as mine as both built in the same week !!
  11. I had the same issue but every time within the two years I complained about the clutch and they stated no fault found or adjustment made, I asked for a print off of the job report. I then used this to prove it was an inherent fault and therefore still within warranty. Good luck, as a previous Vauxhall owner it became a habit for me to do this. Hyundai have for me at least been fairly good with warranty claims but the car spends way too much time under repair so it maybe my last and definitely will be if I have to start complaining for warranty work to be honoured.
  12. It affected some of the engines which were all produced at the same factory but I can't find the old thread with the information on. Easiest way to find out if westkent visits the vin decoder, link below http://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/Hyundai it will give the build information including source factory for the engine and the date the car left the production line. A 2013 registration mark don't always mean a 2013 built car. Hope others that have suffered the loss of coolant can use the vin decoder to help you identify which factory the affected engines came from. After all the engine is a copy of the d4d in your Avensis and is a tried and tested block.
  13. Thanks WK, I can see the amps are well down on my battery now. Will try ctek AMS regen to see if I can recover first.
  14. Any chance of what your battery reading are. trying to gauge how healthy the battery is as you have already reported they fail without any of the usual warning signs
  15. Hey WK, Now you have just fitted a new battery has your stop start working again ? If so any chance of a screen shot of the readings from a new battery on the carecare AET like the one above. Andy