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  1. Clutch Improvements Finally Made

    Yeah but i can't help you on how they bypassed it as I had it done under warranty. it helped but didn't resolve the issue completely. it was only resolved completely when the clutch pressure plate was replaced. Think the bypass was a quick fix until the clutch was out of warranty
  2. Car stolen

    Hi Westkent, interesting that you gone for the ionic as I was looking to update for that model but I'm worried that the boot won't be big enough as my i40 boot is already full. i also didn't realise that the service schedule had dropped to 10k on the new i40 which is a deal breaker for another i40 to me
  3. Change alu wheels under guarantee.

    I had exact same issue on all 4 wheels hence they couldn't blame a stone chip. Finally got them replaced under warranty
  4. Choosing between 2 i40s

    Agree with Gareth
  5. Car stolen

    Hi Westkent, Sorry to hear your news about your i40 being stolen. Can imagine what a nightmare of a time your having with insurance companies. As Gareth stated we interested in what you decide to replace the i40 with. I require the load space in the i40SW so unfortunately don't yet have my eyes on anything to replace it with yet!
  6. i40 headlight change to Xenons

    I have been through the same process. HID that won't fit and many ultra H7 haligon bulbs that are a slight improvement but don't last. Back to driving with poor highlights but now we are back on GMT the issue is apparent again so would be interested in a HID solution if Abzy has managed to find one
  7. Pollen filter

    Yeah very restrictive size wise as its behind the glove box but probably the easiest I've ever fitted to any of my previous cars.
  8. Pollen filter

    Mann filters are renowned for their quality and performance but given the size of the cabin filter on the i40 (thinnest I have ever fitted in over 30 years) and the cabin not being an airtight chamber. You are probably reading a little deep and getting caught up in corp marketing blurb. But yes Mann are quality filters just don't get obsessed with manufacturers claims.
  9. Pollen filter

    Standard. I fitted a WIX
  10. Not good

    Omg Gareth can't believe they hide behind the warranty!!! The attraction of the warranty to the consumer is the confidence in the build quality of the product and NOT oh well it's cheap shit........... but we've replaced it with more cheap shit at no cost to you whilst your in warranty.
  11. BATTERY 2X 150A fuses

    Keep us posted when you fit the fuses. Did you replace the alternator along with the fuses?
  12. Not good

    That don't sound good Gareth. Think everyone apart from Hyundai the cause of that one. Just a pity Hyundai have buried its corporate head in the sand and haven't done any proactive recalls to prevent failure or even acknowledge that coolent/fuel getting into engine oil.
  13. I Installed a HID KIT On My I40

    Pics and links would help us see what you have done?
  14. Unfamiliar beeping sounds

    Yeah I've had that, yet another parking sensor fault
  15. Wesley

    Try a few other Hyundai dealers in your area first. My Hyundai dealership charges £199 but I'm in North West