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  1. Hi All, My i40 is about to fall out of the 5 year warranty. So I was thinking.... I've had around 5 parking sensor replacements (back and front) under warranty as well as the reversing camera. As others will testify to, there are clearly problems with the design/build quality of some components. It's almost a certainty that I will have another parking sensor failure in the coming months that I will have to pay for myself which are expensive to replace. Has anyone had any experience of Hyundai recognizing this fact after warranty when is comes to covering the the cost of replacement of these common items? Any other thoughts or advice on this? Thanks, DC
  2. What engine oil ?

    Thanks Gazwould. Will look into this one for the next service! DC
  3. Tips for changing fuel filter?

    Thank you sir, is this a straight forward job? DC
  4. What engine oil ?

    Hi All, Here's the stuff I used (low SAPS) - TOTAL QUARTZ INEO MC3 http://www.lubricants.total.com/consumers/lube-solutions-for-cars/our-engine-oil/total-quartz-ineo-mc3-5w-30.html I believe it's approved by Hyundai/Kia DC
  5. Tips for changing fuel filter?

    Thanks a lot Westkent,I'll give it a shot. I haven't disconnected the battery recently. Does the disconnect reset the stored radio stations and settings on the satnav or are the settings held? Thanks, DC
  6. Washer Jets not working properly

    Thanks for this. Will give it a try! DC
  7. Washer Jets not working properly

    Hi there, I'm having the exact same trouble myself at the moment. Would be really interested to hear the easiest way to sort this out. Do you just need to jack the car up or do you also need to remove the splash guard from underneath the engine? Thanks, DC
  8. Hi All, I'm planning to change my fuel filter (i40 Tourer Diesel). From having a quick look, it seems the filter is buried behind the battery. Seems like an awkward place to get at. Has anyone changed the filter themselves and do you have any tips? I assume the battery needs to come out? Also, does the fuel pump automatically fill the new filter (via ignition) once changed or is there anything else need to look out for? Any help would be great. Thanks, DC
  9. 1. Brought the car up for a service in December and while there, they said the wheel bearing had to be replaced (front passenger). I didn't hear any noise or feel any unusual behaviour but it was done under warranty anyway. 2. Rear parking sensors started to act up about 6 weeks ago. Intermittent issue. Brought to dealer but they said they couldn't diagnose unless it was failing while I was there. Failure became constant a week later. Back up to dealer. They said it was the 2 centre rear sensors. 2 weeks for them to get parts. Getting them fitted on Thursday. Let's hope the replacements last better than the originals. DC
  10. Key Fob Battery

    Great information and advice as always Indalo. Thanks alot! DC
  11. Key Fob Battery

    Hi indalo, I'm getting the same warning on mine. How do you open the key fob, and what type of battery is it? PS, battery life doesn't seem great. That's just over 2 years for mine. Maybe it's normal for those keys? Thanks, DC
  12. I40 Tourer Rear Wiper

    Thanks indalo, What I have is just a length of wiper rubber (no backing material). I thought the frame itself would have something to house the rubber. I'll give it a try and see how i get on. Thanks again. DC
  13. I40 Tourer Rear Wiper

    Thanks for this indalo. I need to change the rear wiper myself so I want to give this a try. I got a length of wiper rubber but it is not 'metal backed'. I assume this can't be used can it? Also, don't suppose you've any photos for reference? Thanks, DC
  14. Mpg, I40

    Hi All, Just a quick update on my MPG after about 6 months of ownership. I originally had some bad experiences with the fuel economy. However, I've had a chance to try a few economy runs (mainly on quite flat A roads, 55 - 60 MPH, including two or three 60 mile trips) and I've managed to get some pretty good figures while driving in a boring way. I was getting 73.3 MPG on my trip computer after about 25 miles. By the end of the tank, I had averaged 62.3 MPG according to the trip computer. Cheers, DC
  15. Hi All, Issues encountered so far (2012 - 13000 miles): - 1. Steering pulling to the left. Tracking was done and was much better, but it never completely went away and I suspect it's very gradually getting worse again. 2. Roof rail lifting. Pushed it back down and it clipped in. Will see if it stays there 3. Front passenger-side parking sensor staying on for the most part, but sometimes intermittent I've contacted the dealer and they will have a look. Cheers, DC