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  1. After 4 years of ownership i40 tourer blue drive premium my issues list below, some fixed others still present. 1) Retractable load cover 2) Black exterior N/S door trim 3) Roof rails bulging and warped 4) 3x Sat Nav units! 5) Gears crunch, dealer fitted new clutch at 9k 6) Complained on many occasions that gears crunch mainly 2nd and 3rd with poor clutch travel biting point 2cm from floor! - told nothing wrong that's how they are and that they have re pressured the system - worked for a few hundred miles. Complained to Hyundai eventually fitted another modified clutch and clutch cylinder - better travel, lighter clutch but 2nd gear crunches - Dealer says nothing wrong with gearbox, I believe 2nd gear syncro is worn due to faulty clutch and clutch clearance 7) Suspension recall 8) Since owning the car always felt a vibration through steering wheel, normally at slow speeds and over slightly rough ground like a grass field - dealer said it's the hub nuts and no fault found... Complained many times only to be told nothing is wrong. After 4 years the issue started to get worse, knocking noise worse when slow - dealer finally admits a problem diagnoses faulty steering rack 9) Seat belt release buckle driver side 10) Water in O/S rear light cluster - replaced 11) Silver trim on tailgate light cluster loose - light cluster replaced 12) 3 replacement alloy wheels over to separate visits due to corrosion 13) Intermittent rear reversing camera - replaced 14) Sun roof constantly jams when closing - Dealer just squirts WD40 in the tracks, I have heard this is a common problem and a mod pad kit is available, my dealer knows nothing of it! 15) Drivers door catches on closing - readjusted 16) Drivers seat lumbar support loose 17) Driver seat has sideways lateral movement, when driving round a tight bend (at slow speed) can feel the seat move ever so slightly 18) Car has always pulled to the left- Tracking been checked, had full four wheel alignment, and re tracked by different garage - No different, still pulls to left. 19) Auto stop start stopped working after 2 and half years - Dealer checked battery etc.... 20) N/S rear quarterlight window bonding is starting to unstick in corner, worse when vehicle has been in the sun as you can press the corner of glass and see it move, the O/S is fine The car has now done 42k miles, I look after it and always drive it carefully.
  2. Dashboard rattle

    Hi All, I have the same issue with dash. Dealer reluctant to remove the dash board and a partial remedy they placed two rubber wedges between the dash and windscreen. This has stopped the annoying rattle at speed however, I still experience (mainly when cold) dash creaking from both sides near A pillars. My warranty runs out this year. I have had so many issues with this car it's unbelievable to say the least.
  3. Hi All, Just changed from iOS to Android, any reason why the factory fitted satnav appears not to have imported all my contacts? I have reset and removed all Bluetooth accounts, re paired new phone too, still have the same problem. Firmware greater than V7.5.8....
  4. Drivers Seat Moves

    Yes I have the same problem, dealer surprisingly could fault, happens frequently for me mainly on a tight left hand bends. Mine is an i40 Blue Drive premium estate 62 reg.
  5. Ok so I bit the bullet and upgraded FW today, early observations reveal a flatness of audio with bass control bearly having any effect, treble does alter only marginally though. Volume control seems insensitive with overall sound level reduced. I've never been able to have the volume set to full even when testing, however after the FW update this is now possible. Wonder if some EU directive on sound limiting is being implemented? I do have sensitive hearing and yes confirm too me ears are wax free! - if I can find the previous FW on pc I will downgrade if possible and compare. Btw a quick play with FW 7.5.8 I cannot see any menu additions, so I guess any alterations are under the hood.
  6. Dash Rattle Driving Me Mad !

    I too have the same issue, Premium i40 Blue Drive Tourer, mine rattles from both sides, mainly when warming up from cold. I have also noticed the rattling after going over a bumpy road surface, if I push the centre of the dash just above the satnav, this temporarily stops the rattle, I'm sure my dash is slightly loose. I'm doubtful if my local Hyundai garage will investigate or remedy, so I wonder if anyone knows how the dash is bolted to the car and whether gaining access to the fixing points is tricky.
  7. Hi Guys, Have you noticed any difference in audio quality since updating to v 7.5.8? Prior to v 7.4.5 I had lost bass & treble, it was like listening to AM radio when playing CD or streaming via Bluetooth, updating to v 7.4.5 did improve on the sound, but for a premium sound system (SatNav) it is still poor even compared to my old 06 Astra with the standard CD-30! Your thoughts very much appreciated.
  8. Windscreen - Cleaning The Inside

    Bumpkin, interesting comment about plasticiser vapour from interior trim, there's me thinking my pollen filter is missing... Agree Autoglym products are first class, sadly our local independent motor factors went under a few years ago, case of David and Goliath.
  9. Windscreen - Cleaning The Inside

    I have the same problem, for some bizarre reason when screen gets damp on the inside a Scottish flag is visible on top left side of screen. It's like a kid has drawn with finger. No matter what I've used to clean it hasn't shifted! Back to cleaning, I find my i40 screen gets dirty fairly quickly and have tried various glass cleaners, aldi, tesco, even trade ones. Recently I was given by a friend this glass polish gear, absolutely fantastic. It is applied like car polish, once it hazes remove with clean cloth, the finish lasts for a good few months before build up of opaque film on glass. The product is by Autosmart.
  10. I40 Headlights

    NickD, thanks, do you happen to know the link?
  11. Hi All, Anyone noticed after updating i40 satnav unit to 7.3.2 software a reduction in bass and slight increase in treble when streaming either by Bluetooth or aux input?
  12. I40 Headlights

    Yep can confirm my headlights are rather poor to, have stock option on my premium tourer blue drive. The recent bout of fog highlighted the poor beam pattern with beam pointing hard to the left (my car is RHD) I would expect beam to be slightly biased to the left but not that bad. Driving down a country lane at night switching to main beam barely makes much difference to road illumination.
  13. Audio Settings - Defaults?

    Hi Indalo, I'm pleased I'm not the only one with a crappy audio system. My car is the Blue driver 136 premium Tourer, upon delivery of car 6 months ago the satnav mapping wasn't working. I believe the map update performed by dealer glitched and subsequently delivered the car to me in that state. My local dealer couldn't sort it so a replacement head unit was supplied. The replacement lasted for about two days where the onscreen resistive touch panel would randomly go out of calibration, dealer had the car for whole day only to say head unit faulty I need another replacement! Surprising the replacement somehow sounded better than the previous two with bass slightly more punchier with bass setting hovering around 3. I understand the head unit runs on Windows CE and I'm sure there must be a hidden menu for sound or EQ settings, I wonder if dealer can access? Even my previous car had bass, treble, and even pre set EQ sounds, pop, rock etc. I agree there is nothing premium about the i40 stereo system, in fact my old company Vauxhall Astra LS van of 17 years ago had a better sound! I wonder if simply upgrading the line fit speakers will improve the sound? Looks like I've got to live with it along with other niggles for 3 years as replacing the head unit with after market is out of the question as heater and reverse camera are integrated into it too.
  14. Audio Settings - Defaults?

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum so I apologise if posted in wrong section. I've had my i40 tourer satnav replaced twice, however the car seems to lack any real bass. I confirm the sub is working if I wind up the bass to 10 and up the volume but overall the sound from the system is poor in comparison to other makes of cars I've had previously. Over the last weekend I update the firmware to the latest version 7.2.3 and now the sound profile has altered, now have crisper treble and a further reduction of bass! My audio settings are bass 3, mid -2, treble 3. Is there a hidden loudness button somewhere that after upgrade has defaulted to off? Btw I listen mainly to music off cd or phone as radio sound poor. I welcome feedback or comments.