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  1. Hello everyone, been today "lucky" to have smashed drivers side door mirror. It looks to me, that only glass part has been damaged, cable are fine, moving "bits" seems working, indicator and folding function as well. Could anybody advise if something like this: http://www.cardoormirrors.com/Hyundai/I40/Wing-Mirror/2012-Onward.html?pid=1241 would do job, or do I need anything else???? Thanks a lot for any help. Mat
  2. Hello and Happy Christmas everyone I have tried to buy a pair of Snow Chains for my I40, estate with wheels 225/45/18, but been advised against (by online shop), because apparently with mentioned wheels, using chains is not recommended by manufacturer.... Struggling to find any info... Could anybody point me out in the right direction? Thanks a lot Mat
  3. thanks for replies guys, but really need car for tomorrow, so can anybody advise if it is safe to drive(carefully)... m.
  4. Hello everyone, Please, could anybody help to identify-named and advise on, rubber "washer" think, on the attached picture which get loose, on the rear wheel. It has happened just now (Saturday afternoon), I only managed to visit Kwik Fit garage, and guy didn't have clue what is it, and if I can carry on driving... Could be anybody able to advise if is possible to drive car( I desperately need car for tomorrow) any help would be really appreciated. thanks m.
  5. Hi everyone, as a new owner of i40 Premium on 18 alloys, I am in the process of buying a set of winter tyres. Would anybody be able to advice if is it possible to fit smaller size of rims with winter tyres on them, or where can I find any information? Thanks m.