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  1. I30 Distance To Empty Indication

    But the airplane wouldn't run out of fuel, as there would always be 40% more fuel than indicated. It would cost more to fly with the extra fuel load though. I guess that you are saying that this is a known problem?
  2. I've recently bought a 1.6 CRDi Active Blue Drive. When I fill up the tank (capacity 11 gallons), the distance to empty indication shows between 400 to 450 miles. I'm getting 60 mpg, so I would expect this to show 650+ miles with a full tank. It is showing an error of about 40%. I've taken it back to the garage where I bought the car for them to check it. They say there is nothing wrong with it and that they have checked with Hyundai and this is apparently how it works. Approximately every 2 miles I drive, the indication goes down by mile. It seems pointless to me having this function if it is so meaningless. Is this common to all i30's? Does anyone else have this problem?