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  1. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Update... I have had one of the new driven plates fitted last week. Hyundai sent over a technical chappy to drive my car before and after the replacement, apparently there were only 3 clutches available in the UK for testing. initial results are a big improvement, but i did notice judder over the weekend when the engine is cold, but it does clear up once warm. Early days yet as to whether its a cure as ive only done a few hundred miles on it, but i must admit i am a bit sceptical from previous experiences......
  2. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Been down that route Ian, They go very quiet...... advice i have be given is that the claim is against the dealer that sold it, not Hyundai.
  3. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Apparently so ......
  4. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Cant see it being a cure to be honest Gazwould. A diesel engine on a solid flywheel.... i'm sure the answer would be a DMF, but i guess Hyundai's accountants know best !
  5. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Fresh in ..... I refer to your previous email. Following this, I can confirm that I have requested a modified clutch be supplied for you, I am happy to confirm that the clutch is now available
  6. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    I wouldnt hold your breath, its been with Hyundai technical for nearly 12 months.... Heres the latest response from yesterday... Thank you for your further email. I appreciate the disappointment the situation is causing to you and do apologise for this. I am unable to confirm a timescale for resolution but can assure you that Hyundai are actively working towards a resolution for this.
  7. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Just got off the phone to Hyundai and they still have no timescale for a fix. To say i am a bit upset is an understatement. Anyone in the same boat can contact Hyundai here and please moan like hell. They could do with a bit of pressure.... [email protected]
  8. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    I had a new flywheel and clutch fitted 1200 miles ago and the judder is back and driving me mad !!! Apparently a redesigned driven plate is due for release shortly, but no news yet......
  9. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    After much prodding, customer services finally got back to me.Not quite the response i was looking for.I've a feeling that this will turn into a similar situation as the I40 clutch problems. I would have thought they would have learned from that fiasco !"I refer to our previous telephone conversation regarding your vehicle and appreciate your patience in allowing me to look into this matter for you. I would like to apologise for this situation and appreciate the frustration and disappointment this situation has caused.I can confirm that I have contacted our technical and quality team who have advised that their understanding of the issue, based on details provided by Cheshire Oaks Hyundai, is that the judder is very slight and only happens with the first few applications of the clutch. If this is not the case and you are concerned about the vehicle then you would need to contact your chosen Hyundai dealership for them to look into further. I can advise that your feedback has been passed to Hyundai Europe for investigation however as it is not considered a safety concern we have no estimated time for a response. When an update is available the dealership will be made aware of both the cause of the issue and how to resolve it. I appreciate this is not quite the response you were hoping for at this time and I apologise for this. In the meantime if you do require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me."
  10. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    I thought i would give Hyundai customer service a ring and ask them whats happening. Surprised to find out that they know nothing about any clutch problems ? Nice lady is going to ring the dealership to find out and report back to me - strange, but not surprising. Maybe the fact that i told her i am thinking of rejecting the car got her attention
  11. Hi I've had my Tucson from new and covered 3700 miles, not a lot considering its 6 months old. Stepping from an I40 tourer, which i must admit i miss ! I have been experiencing bad clutch judder from standing start and 1st to 2nd. I must admit, i thought it was me, but this morning i finally decided to ring my dealer to try and see if there is any solution. it turns out that this is a major problem and they have 12 cars with the same fault, they offered to fit a new clutch and flywheel, but the service guy told me it wont cure it ! Apparently the problem is being worked on at Hyundai and they are doing a flywheel/clutch redesign and it will be a while off yet and there will be recall when they have figured it out !
  12. Hyundai Tucson Pre-Order Topic

    Picking it up on Saturday afternoon Nick Couple of niggles in my mind about the spec, especially the lack of front parking sensors on the SE NAV,
  13. Hyundai Tucson Pre-Order Topic

    Took the plunge on Saturday after an email from my dealer and bought a Moon Stone coloured Tucson SE Nav. Pre registered, 10 miles on the clock and a massive saving on list. Put my I40 in partex, shall miss that car as its grown on me
  14. Rear parking camera failed. Due to go in to the dealers Friday for assessment.
  15. Hi, Does anyone know the version number of the latest map update ?