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  1. Charging car battery at home

    OK, thanks! I was in a battery shop where the expert advised me after a measurement I shouldn't buy a new battery, but I charge the old one for 24 hours. After the charging we will measure the capacity of battery. If the result is bad, hi will order a new battery for me.
  2. I'd like to charge my battery in my garage. For this I have to remove the cables from the positive and negative terminal. I read a description that says I have to re-teach and set some things after this operation. For example air conditioner, clock, board computer, audio equipment and electric windows. How can I do these operations? Is this a manual about these operations anywhere?
  3. Dash Rattle Driving Me Mad !

    I have ordered one of this. I installed a week ago, and since then there is silence. I bravely recommend it.