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  1. Hi, this app is quiet popular in i40 world, as it works exactly the same way for i30, I'm gonna place it here too. Have a look:
  2. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    video player - installation guide + presentation
  3. Show Us Your Hyundai I40!

    Eagle's got new face.
  4. Show Us Your Hyundai I40!

    EAGLE the best
  5. Show Us Your Hyundai I40!

    the best EAGLE
  6. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    sent in private message
  7. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    Hi bollard, I thought you've found the "version for veloster" working fine. My edition is not a free gift and small donation on my PayPal account is appreciated before I send the files.
  8. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    There are plenty situations when waiting for someone or something. I found it great to watch a movie instead of being bored doing nothing or listening to radio while waiting.
  9. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    Of course, it works fine. could you give us some demonstration video of installation and then some presentation of its functionality? I have checked your links tjosan and can say it was pretty strange to look what those guys needed to do to get it all done. Pretty scary. I'm not gonna push or persuade anyone, all I want to say one more time is that what I offer is easy to install, works great, it's simple to use wiht no other distructions. Just and only video player. Very luxury edition.
  10. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    Well, have you tried it tjosan. I guess not. My version includes only the video player and it works straight away and it is stable version with no other distractions. It is based on WolfNCU but it is not WolfNCU
  11. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    It plays .AVI format and for more check this http://corecodec.com...ucts/coreplayer It does not play AC3 sound. Player is designed for mobile devices. However, it works quiet well with other formats. Yes, you need to copy a few files into a one of the NAVI drives. It is very easy and safe. There is nothing but folder with maps on that drive.
  12. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    send me your email if you're willing to donate a few bucks and so appreciate my hard work to bring it into NAVI life
  13. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    I'm able to supply the installation package including files and installation instructions.
  14. Playing Video On Factory Navi

    It is CorePlayer for Windows CE. For those who do not know the NAVI unit runs on Windows CE 6.0 Embedded. About supported formats check this >>> http://corecodec.com/products/coreplayer