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  1. i30 N causing quite a stir..

    i40 warranty runs out in 4 weeks... this could be my next car, next summer, if all goes well... (different dealer lol)
  2. Rev counter bouncin when idleing

    I've been hounding my dealer for months over this. Still no progress on a resolution
  3. Not good

    Still ongoing. Interestingly a technician has not been available to go on an extended test drive with me since as it's holiday time and they don't have the capacity to lose a technician for an hour!!! Ironic!!! i'm currently with the car on holiday. The whistle remains but the stuttering is nowhere near as frequent. Even with a roof box on it's returned 50+ mpg, so I can't complain about that. Will see what happens in September when everyone is back at work!!!
  4. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    My ISG has never worked properly. The longest it's ever stopped the car for is 2 minutes. I know I need a new battery really...
  5. Front brake discs

    Local independent charged me £179 for front discs and pads and £149 for rears. Almost as cheap as doing it yourself!!! (And I trust their opinion!!!)
  6. Not good

    Quick update. 4,000 miles later and the car continues to return mid 50s mpg. After filling up and a 40 mile run through mostly average speed camera roadworks on the M1 it was actually showing 60.5 for a bit!! the whistle and stuttering remains. To be honest, I haven't actually had time to take it in and show them as I can't afford to be away from work yet again (they've had the car nearly 6 weeks so far this year) I've finally got them to admit they made a mistake on one of the minor items on my list of grievances, but so far not on the main engine failure.
  7. Excessive front tyre wear

    As Gaz said, cracking means old rubber. Outside wear only, that shouts tracking
  8. Not good

    November 18 2017 hence me wanting to get this resolved but they are belong bloody awkward
  9. Not good

    Still to-ing and fro-ing. It appears resolved and it's definitely a DPF issue and Hyundai know about it, I'm sure. I want them to tell me what triggered them going to Hyundai technical this time when the symptoms were no different to the other 4 times they saw it ( so I can let you guys know) but they won't say. My feeling is it was the oil analysis, sent by the Lab to Hyundai I want them to admit they f**ked up big time, but they obviously won't. They basically keep saying that's what the warranty is there for...
  10. Hyundai I40 Diesel in Engine Oil

    As Gaz has pointed out. Check out my thread. My efforts with the dealer are ongoing, but I think the issue is resolved. It's a DPF issue. They need to engage Hyundai Technical who will talk them through some diagnostic tests. No error codes at any point and the DPF reports it's regenerating fine, but isn't. Get it sorted asap and drive it as little as possible. I've had a whole new engine because of this, luckily under warranty...
  11. i40 2nd hand...

    As a sufferer of this issue, my current arguing point, is that it went back to Hyundai at least 3 times with the same symptoms and, even after a catastrophic engine failure it was returned with the same fault. Now, it may be a dealer issue that is wasn't identified sooner, but their argument of 'it didn't show any error codes' is wearing a bit thin with me now... Hell, it didn't show any error codes when the vacuum pump failed and got mangled in the timing chain and had pistons hitting valves!!! It may also be an isolated or age related issue - mine has now done over 145k miles, but I believe there is a serious design flaw in here somewhere... I've had similar diesels from BMW and Vauxhall (and my Vivaro van, a Renault by all accounts) and haven't had this issue and have all covered similar, or more, miles. I'd be wary, but it's a good, well specced, cheaper alternative, IF it all stays good...
  12. i40 front parking sensor issue

    I would say that it's a sensor problem - just because they've been replaced, doesn't mean they haven't failed again - I've had at least 10 replacements in 3.5 years...
  13. From memory, when the display show your Range to Empty, press and hold the Display button on the steering wheel until it changes (about 10 seconds)...
  14. Not good

    Still in discussion. This is their written response about the failure Bearing in mind they told me they didn't strip it and it was going to Hyundai for investigation!! They also haven't said if they know why the vacuum pump failed! It's going a bit like that at the moment - it's like getting blood out of a stone. Everything they say just brings up more questions. Also, they've told me both, that I have and have not had a new turbo! they've also diagnosed turbo wear which, if the replacement is true, would be 1,500 miles old!! I'll keep plugging away...
  15. Not good

    Have received the fob off from the dealer wont post much more until it's resolved. can see trading standards and motoring press getting involved...