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  1. Choosing between 2 i40s

    Trust me, with these, warranty is everything. I’d go for the one with the longest!!
  2. Headlight Removal 16 plate

    I've given up messing with bulbs now. The high output ones seem to make very little difference to overall brightness and they just seem to need replacing more often.. (about every 3 months @ approx £20 a time). I currently have 2 Sainsbury's H7 bulbs in - £3 each - been in for 6 months!!
  3. Light in roof is an ‘accent’ light. Noting more turning light. Cover off. Twist and remove, including holder. Remove bulb from holder no idea. There was a recall on rear suspension but, even bought mine made a load of noise the dealer was well beyond trying to help me st that point. Check that your spare wheel/jack/etc are bolted down under the floor...
  4. Ish problem

    It’ll be battery condition. Keeping it topped up at full charge is really odd. You, counterintuitivly, need to put it under more load in order to get the alternator to charge the battery. So run with the rear screen heater and/or heated seats for a week or so and you might find it kicks in to life. A 66 plates battery should be ok still. Mine scared the life out of me during the week. My stop/start hasn’t worked for about 3 years. I knew the battery was on its way out and, just before christmas, it died completely. I got a replacement. Expected stop/start to start working. It didn’t. Just assumed, like many other bits and bobs, it was knackered. Then, coasting up to a set of traffic lights, in neutral, it just died when I stopped. I thought ‘oh god, here we go’ ( it is over 5 years old with 163k miles on it) but looked down and stop/start has actually started working again!! I can only assume the battery wasn’t fully charged when it was replaced!!
  5. Car stolen

    Hope it gets sorted quickly for you Ioniq looks good. I’ve had a look and a go and it is very nice to drive. I’m convinced diesel is now dead for cars. They’ll start getting rarer as manufacturers dump them coz they can’t handle the unknown and who knows what the government will hit diesel with in the future as it’s now all things evil. Electric/hybrid is the obvious way to go... I just can’t help but think there is some major step improvement just around the corner. Hope mine holds out that long...
  6. Car stolen

    Bummer mate - assume it will be covered by the workshop insurance? What you going for next? (A taxi driver's ideas are always worth listening to!) (I'm at 163k and counting...)
  7. Diesel injector

    2nd hand on eBay seems about £25-£100. New seems to be about &270!!!
  8. Diesel injector

    In general, injectors are quite simple to replace. It will come down to whether they need ‘coding’ to the ecu using Hyundai software. If you take the cover off the engine they are easy to spot. It may not be so easy to spot the failed one though and they may need testing
  9. Coolant pump

    It's odd, for such a big car with a comparatively small engine, why's it so tight under the bonnet??
  10. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Update: correct battery fitted today. Finally!! Halfords supplied and branded AGM 096... that they say they don’t carry.
  11. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    You can find the massive list of stuff that isn't actually covered by the 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty below Description Warranty Coverage (Period) Warranty Coverage (Mileage) Clutch disc 24 Months 60,000 Miles Brake Friction Linings 24 Months 20,000 Miles V Belts 24 Months Unlimited Mileage Oil Filter (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Air/Fuel Filter (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Spark Plugs (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Air Con Re-gas (no defect evident) Up to Maximum 6 Months 10,000 Miles Adjustments Up to Maximum 6 Months 10,000 Miles Wiper Blades 12 Months 10,000 Miles Fuses 12 Months 10,000 Miles Bulbs 12 Months 10,000 Miles Batteries 24 Months Unlimited Mileage Wheel Bearings Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Ball Joints Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Bushes 60 Months 60,000 Miles Track Rod End 60 Months 60,000 Miles Dampers, Struts Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Rubber Components 60 Months 60,000 Miles Tyres Warranty is handled by the tyre manufacturer. Warranty is handled by the tyre manufacturer. link to the original https://www.hyundai.co.uk/misc-pages/5_year_warranty/limited_coverage
  12. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    That was my thought when I raised the issue within 5 years. They deem after two years it’s wear and tear, just like the clutch and suspension components, they don’t have the full 5 year warranty either... no idea on oem manufacturer as it’s just a black box
  13. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Hyundai battery warranty was only 2 years. Halfords recommended. I just went in and said my battery has died, can you fit me a new one... Popped back in this evening. Spoke with the assistant manager. Showed him what was what. He searched for the battery based on my reg. came up with the same one they fitted. Then he noticed (after I pointed it out) it said EXL stop/start in very small text!! he’s getting back to me after he’s spoken with his boss. He’s not sure of the way forward from here... they’ve fitted the wrong battery and in doing so broken a bit of my car, likely only fixable via Hyundai. Halfrauds fix has got me on the road but, to quote the bloke today, it’s killing the battery they’ve installed. I’m sure it’ll be get it fixed and bill them... more hassle... interestingly, they say they don’t stock a battery for a stop/start i40, but I can see it on their website!!! AGM 096. I wonder if it needs ‘programming’ in to the ecu (as I’ve read some do) and they don’t have the necessary kit? Oh well, I’ll see what they say and carry my jump starter with me!!
  14. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Can’t disagree with hindsight definitely don’t have time for this...
  15. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Now positive they've fitted a standard 030 battery (for non stop/start) instead of an AGM 096 !!! no wonder they had issues!