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  1. Still in discussion. This is their written response about the failure Bearing in mind they told me they didn't strip it and it was going to Hyundai for investigation!! They also haven't said if they know why the vacuum pump failed! It's going a bit like that at the moment - it's like getting blood out of a stone. Everything they say just brings up more questions. Also, they've told me both, that I have and have not had a new turbo! they've also diagnosed turbo wear which, if the replacement is true, would be 1,500 miles old!! I'll keep plugging away...
  2. Have received the fob off from the dealer wont post much more until it's resolved. can see trading standards and motoring press getting involved...
  3. Yes. 136 you can see why I got a bit pi$$ed when it dropped to below 40
  4. At least the engine seems ok now, based on mpg. Last tank...
  5. That's expensive. When mine break after the warranty has run out they'll stop broken!! I wonder if there is a case to argue inherently bad design means they should replace for life?
  6. For my 16" wheels it's even lower at 33psi!!! when I run at that pressure, i.e. When they correct it at a service, I get inside and outside shoulder wear, indicating under inflation. I usually run at about 38-39psi which seems to promote even wear and counteract some of the shocking (pun intended) rear suspension softness...
  7. Thanks both. I won't worry about the colour then. Regarding the Max fill. I guess, like Gaz says, if there's still some in the oil cooler and then hey just dump the specified amount in then it will always be over max. Infuriating though as, to me, it means more volume, increased resistance due to extra volume and increased oil pressure. As an 'uneducated' owner this is the same symptom as before, so I might just play devils advocate with them... if they ever get around to contacting me...
  8. So, the rant has been sent to both the dealer and Hyundai. I decided to check the oil first photo is from immediately before it went in to have the DPF replaced this one is from just now. One week and 600 miles later. They have apparently changed the oil and oil filter... looks remarkably similar to me!! if, by any stretch, they had changed the oil and, ignoring the fact that it's up over max AGAIN (still?), should it really get that black so quickly?
  9. With my warranty running out in November I'd be interested to know how much...
  10. All mine warranty. They only ever replace the faulty ones. it really must be a shocking design. I installed some on my van which were £8 off eBay. They've been fine... Never jet washed mine Gaz, must just be the northern horizontal rain!! The problem of course is they are colour coded, so need painting...
  11. That's the plan. I'll give them both a chance to respond then its on to Auto Express etc.
  12. So, who do you think I should be ranting at, dealer, Hyundai, both?? I'm inclined both. Does anyone have an email address for Hyundai that I can rant at??
  13. You'll know that water in the oil is obvious. Could be a leaking head gasket, or the dreaded porous block issue?
  14. Yeah, that's a sensor fault. I don't bother about posting about them any more!!! I think I've had well over 10 replacements in 4 years. There's usually at least one not working!!! bad design means they fail due to water ingress. LOL something external on a car might get wet! Supposedly they have undergone a redesign, doesn't seem to make any difference. Move also had two reversing camera replacements due to the same issue
  15. I had a weeping seam on the radiator. that was about a litre every 400 miles though...