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  1. Oldie but goodie!

    Being able to keep a car that long, and to still have it in decent shape just goes to show what a great brand Hyundai really is! I can only hope that I will be able to keep mine just as long. So far we have had it for about 7 years.
  2. Most popular Hyundai?

    From my own experience, I can say that it is a very popular vehicle in the USA. I see them all over the road, and in parking lots.
  3. What is an MVP?

    As far as I know in the context of cars, MVP stands for manufacturer vehicle price. This would be the suggested price for the vehicle in question. Hopefully this helps you to understand a little better.
  4. 8th seat?

    I believe Hotpink is correct. I really don't know much about the i800 model though. Having an 8th seat can be a huge positive, but if it isn't removable/collapsible it could also be a pain at times too.
  5. Hello from a Hyundai fan

    Welcome! Hyundai is a great brand of car to have. We also taught our daughter how to drive using our Hyundai, and when she goes out usually we leave her with our Hyundai. However, can't say that I have ever seen a hot pink Hyundai! haha
  6. Need help deciding!

    Hi there! I am new here too. My suggestion to you would probably be the Azera. The one we were shown at a pre-owned dealership was especially nice. The man told us that it was one of the more "high end" Hyundai models, and had a sleeker look to it.
  7. Hey everyone!

    Thank you both for the welcome. And kemp, we are looking into the Elantra. Back when we were looking the first time around, we had it narrowed down to either a Sonata or an Elantra, and the Sonata won. We're also having a look at the Genesis & Azera models as well.
  8. Hey everyone!

    Hi Everyone! I'm Lynnsey from the US. Back in 2003 we got our Hyundai Sonata (pre-owned), and we love it! It still works great, and we have had little to no problems with it. It is a really great car. We are looking to upgrade our other car (it's a Ford), and we are looking into getting another Hyundai. So, hopefully I can read up & discuss some of the newer types out on the market.