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    Omg Gareth can't believe they hide behind the warranty!!! The attraction of the warranty to the consumer is the confidence in the build quality of the product and NOT oh well it's cheap shit........... but we've replaced it with more cheap shit at no cost to you whilst your in warranty.
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    In that case with the ideal motorway journeys it must be some other reason like even a thermostat in some situations preventing correct regeneration. Regeneration relies on too many sensors to perform at their optimum , such a flawed system . It belongs in the bin !
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    Hi all had i40 tourer for around a year its a 2012 premium blue drive version as usual its been to the dealers a few times and as i type its there again .i will look to post a new thread in relevent spot,overall nice car but spoilt with inherant design flaws .cheers all, great site .sam
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    Well, the car has been in to the garage, and come out with a new clutch housing and seal. All done under warranty. Can't believe the difference, like a new car now! The brakes are still an issue, but there is no way they will get done under warranty, so I am looking in to getting them done elsewhere. We're not getting charged for the courtesy car either I am glad to say. All is well again! Thanks all for the advice and so on, much appreciated, Garry
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    Took the plunge on Saturday after an email from my dealer and bought a Moon Stone coloured Tucson SE Nav. Pre registered, 10 miles on the clock and a massive saving on list. Put my I40 in partex, shall miss that car as its grown on me
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    I have an i40 premium saloon and if i let the steering wheel go while i am driving straight it pulls to the left , i have had the tracking done 3 times and a full wheel alignment and it still does it , has anyone else experienced this problem ? I had the steering wheel changed under warranty , could this be causing the problem ?
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    Get a vasectomy .
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    Hi everyone, i have a hyundai 2011 i40 estate which i,ve had for a while, first Hyundai for me, always had Fords, mondeo's, had a problem with N/S rear caliper sticking on, wasn't the EBS motor, but the piston, had pads changed in April this year, pistion really hard to push back, but garage managed to fit new pads, week ago N/S was down to the metal again, back to garage, this time would not go back, so only fitted new pads on O/S using old O/S pads on N/S just to get me back on the road, garage told me needed new or recon caliper, priced these up, £150 + £100 surcharge refunded when they had my old one back, Hyundai wanted £313 inc vat for new ones, stupid money !!, i,m a very handy guy, so i ordered a new set of seals from Bigg red £23, if i messed them up just buy a recon one, this is what i did, DID NOT HAVE BRAKES WOUND BACK VIA PLUG/COMPUTER. brake off, wheel off, clamped brake pipe then removed, removed EPB plug, removed caliper, 2 x 14mm bolts, brought in house, removed motor, 2 x alien key bolts, used drill and tork bit to wind piston out fully, there is cog which motor sits on, then wound it back fully, removed piston, WATCH THE FLUID, unscrew the piston ram. then the sir clip from the cog at the rear of the piston, removed ram screw/cog, removed small seal for ram screw/cog, then piston seal, cleaned all parts, making sure seal groves are clean, replaced small O ring seal for ram screw/cog, replaced piston seal, replaced ram screw/cog, replaced sir clip, screwed down ram on threaded ram screw, lightly greased pistion seal with grease supplied, slid dust seal onto piston, pushed piston into caliper, dust seal is the tricky one to fit, bit of fiddling and it was in, when you replace motor, there is a rubber O ring that needs to be replaced before fitting, THATS IT !!, ALL DONE, replace caliper, replace brake pipe, replace plug, i fitted new pads, bleed fluid and thats it, no need to reset anything, parking brake works as it should, DON'T KNOW WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT !!!!, done both calipers, working a treat !!!!, meant to take pictures of it all but forgot : ( shame, really simple to do, no need to be plugged in and wound back, cost me £100 all in, new disc's/pads/seals/fluid, sorted, if you need any help or have any question, please ask, thanks hope this helps !!!!!
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    There has been a lot of discussion about the software/firmware update available for Hyundai media systems spread across a few threads, I have preformed the update on my own i40 and a friends ix35 and I am responding to the request for a step by step guide. If the mods feel it appropriate it might be useful as a sticky. 1. Go to http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-HyundaiEMEA-Site and select your car from the drop down boxes on the left. 2. This will take you to the update page for your vehicle. Scroll down the page and in the bottom left you will see a link for the software/firmware update. Click on it. 3. The instructions will appear in front of you along with the download link. You must ensure that your current software is 5.1.3 in order to proceed, if it is a version lower than that then you need to get your Hyundai dealer to get to at least 5.1.3. To check your current version press and hold the settings button on the media system for at least 5 secs, the display will then show current versions. 4. If you have defined that you are suitable for an update then click on the download link and when prompted save it to your PC. Ensure that you have an empty USB thumb drive at least 1GB in size to put the file on. 5. Unzip the contents of the downloaded file directly to the root directory of the thumb drive. 6. Start up the engine of your Hyundai and insert the thumb drive into the USB port. It will read and automatically start the program. Follow the instructions on the display of your Hyundai screen. 7. The initial installation of files is reasonably quick, then it will go I to decompression of a 1.42Gb file which takes a good 15 minutes, this is helped though by the fact that at least the radio still works giving you something to listen to whilst the install proceeds! After decompression another section of install takes place which again is reasonably quick. AT NO POINT IN THE INSTALL PROCESS SHOULD YOU SWITCH OFF THE ENGINE OR REMOVE THE USB DRIVE!!! 8. The media system will then restart, so the screen will go black and then the Hyundai logo will re-appear, the system though will go back not the installation procedure because you will still have the thumb drive inserted in the USB port. The same update screen you will have seen previously will appear, but the current version and update version will be the same number, indicating that the update process has worked. 9. Press CANCEL on the touchscreen and you will be returned to the media screen you were previously on, so radio, bluetooth or GPS. By pressing the settings button then pressing TRAFFIC on the touchscreen you should now see that TMC is available, give the system time to get the latest traffic data through the FM antenna.
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    Vehicle manufacturers don't always have the best answers , that's why their standard mapping , suspension set ups , etc are easily eclipsed by aftermarket . I've always gone above the recommended pressures and have yet to experience over inflation middle wear whilst experiencing better handling and mpg .
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    As Gaz has pointed out. Check out my thread. My efforts with the dealer are ongoing, but I think the issue is resolved. It's a DPF issue. They need to engage Hyundai Technical who will talk them through some diagnostic tests. No error codes at any point and the DPF reports it's regenerating fine, but isn't. Get it sorted asap and drive it as little as possible. I've had a whole new engine because of this, luckily under warranty...
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    Good shout , I've got them around 40psi now , absolutely fine and makes sense , manufactures don't always have the best answer !
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    Well there it is folks , it's a side arangement . So wether the side oil cooler drains into the vertical oil filter housing remains to be seen next summer when we service it for a fraction of the price .
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    Oil sampling kit ordered. Will keep you updated and post results when I get them
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    With http://www.theoillab.co.uk/downloads/ think I'm going to go for it... forewarned is forearmed...
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    A friend has just been round the block like yourself but with Kia, same engine as I've looked . kia done this and that , until finally finding the fault. DPF replacement. His problem started with loss of power as he came off the moterway. good luck mate.
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    Ooo yeah , in need some Tipex , you Sir are a scuffler and in need of some fetching driving slippers
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    Car currently in having a new radiator under warranty. Thanks for the responses guys.
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    Your mate's car probably has "adaptive" cruise control, which does indeed adjust your speed depending on the traffic around you. As far as I know on the i40 its just standard cruise control, which means all it does is hold you at the speed you select and you have to make the adjustments depending on the traffic.
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    If you continue to experience this problem, I'm afraid that, unless you are well-versed in automotive electronics and have access to a full suite of electronic test instruments, this kind of work is best left to a Hyundai dealer. If you are lucky and the car is within the warranty period, it could be covered. Best of luck! Indalo
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    Hi Lewie84, did the hold & autostop lights still come on when you next used the car, or has it sorted itself out? There are occasions where the system turns itself off by design; if you keep the brake pedal depressed for too long (eg, all the way down a long hill) it disables the system. This is the expected behaviour, but will reset when you next start the car.
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    Lucky you've still got warranty. I can see alot of these Kia and Hyundai 1.7 crdi engines financially writing off the vehicle out of warranty . What poo poo they are....
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    That don't sound good Gareth. Think everyone apart from Hyundai the cause of that one. Just a pity Hyundai have buried its corporate head in the sand and haven't done any proactive recalls to prevent failure or even acknowledge that coolent/fuel getting into engine oil.
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    Hi All, I have the same issue with dash. Dealer reluctant to remove the dash board and a partial remedy they placed two rubber wedges between the dash and windscreen. This has stopped the annoying rattle at speed however, I still experience (mainly when cold) dash creaking from both sides near A pillars. My warranty runs out this year. I have had so many issues with this car it's unbelievable to say the least.
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    Garry, 'Westkent' is one of the highest mile-eaters in the forum so his comments are almost certainly relevant as to brake life expectancy. On the basis of what you told us about the dealer, I would be inclined to try either another main dealer or any well-recommended private garage business. Rear discs should easily manage double the mileage your car has covered before needing replacement As for the clutch, it would require some really serious abuse to wear it out at 36,000 miles and I doubt anyone with a car like the i40 would be likely to treat it so badly in the first three years to cause clutch damage. It is more likely to be a faulty component than wear and tear although that may have occurred as collateral damage, as it were. My only suggestion is that you get in touch with Hyundai UK and see what they have to say about what you have been told by the dealer. I know Hyundai did replace a fair few clutches in early cars but when they stopped building cars with 'dodgy' clutches, I couldn't say Best of luck with that. Indalo
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    I just purchased a 16 plate i20 Blue Drive Premium on 4th January. When I test drove it I didn't hear any creaking but this week it has developed the most annoying plastic creak from the dashboard as if it is loose or rubbing against something. I am going to take it in to be looked at but I am disheartened to read in every forum I can find that this seems to be a common problem now. I have owned a 2010 i20 Comfort for 6 years previous to this car. I didn't have a dashboard creak with that one. I had a windscreen rattle at speeds over 50 mph. I'll let you know if they solve it or what their remedial action was.
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    Is it from a main dealer ? If so presumably it's sold as an approved used , then you have the warrenty till its 5 yrs. i spend 13 hrs a day in mine and its as comfortable as they come. If it ticks your boxes !!!!
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    Well my 2013 plate because of the coolant lose issue had the bottom block replaced under warrenty. haveing said that I saw no evidence of any coolant lose at the time although main dealer said there was evidence of coolant in engine oil. I recieved new con rods and pistons at 30k so was kind of glad at the time.
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    There is no timing belt on i40s - it's chain-drive and I can't recall any problems being reported in these pages. Beyond a coolant-loss problem affecting very few early models, not too much goes wrong with the i40, relative to other brands. Oh, early models had parking sensors which proved problematic but later models seemed ok. Indalo
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    I wouldn't swear to it but from memory, all the cases I remember being reported were from 2011-2012. Having said that though, actual examples which suffered the water-loss fault were small but nevertheless, I'd prefer to go for a later model if in budget. Indalo
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    I was passing my local dealer this week and popped in to see if they could say what it may be. Luckily they weren't busy so booked it in to check it out. If it was the motor it's under warranty. Turns out to be just the filter was clogged, and luckily they showed me how to unclog it for next time:) When I get some time I'll post how to do it as seems very easy (just need to Jack the car up).
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    If out of warranty I'm sure there's better weather proof ebay offerings .
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    Don't have the stop start abbs , You must of read me wrong in earlier reply. any other reading you welcome mate.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum Colin. Apart from the indicated fuel consumption figure, you make no mention of how the car drove otherwise. Obviously, if you're not happy at all, you should walk away but was there something else you disliked? You can ignore that instant economy reading as the i40 diesel economy is about 40 overall, more if careful. Anyone would struggle to get much less than 40mpg in my experience. At such low mileage on a 2011 plate, I'd want to see service history. Is there any? There are plenty of cars out there for sale so if you are not at all happy, walk away. Indalo
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    I shall beat you to the change of wheels then Graham as I'm off to Yorkshire, wherever that is, tomorrow to collect my new Kia Sportswagon. I'm a bit averse these days to going anywhere north of Watford but car dealers here in the south-east don't seem to need to talk discount and I don't like to hear stuff like, 'We expect to sell at list price every one of these we can get Sir!' I think your choice of the Tucson is interesting Graham as, while I like the appearance and size of it, I was a bit underwhelmed by some of the rest of the spec. For example, having become accustomed to an EPB on the i40, I discovered that to have it on the Tucson requires the purchase of the top-of-the-range automatic model and it isn't even an option in any other model. The only ones that interested me were the 4WD models and the fuel consumption isn't much better than on the Santa Fe plus the tax is huge. If I were content to have 2WD, I'd ignore the model and stick with the i40 which is more spacious and a lot better on fuel and tax too, I think. Each to his own, of course and I can certainly understand that there comes a point when we all just feel like a change and that's where I'm at. As for the Warranty differences between Kia and Hyundai, for me, the Hyundai one is better with the 5-years RAC breakdown and recovery as opposed to just one year with Kia, although theirs includes European travel with the same rescue and recovery as in the UK. Evidently, they have a deal with the RAC whereby customers can purchase the continuation of that policy for something like £80 per annum - that doesn't sound like a great bargain to me but I haven't checked out the competition. I shall return here at some point and comment on how I find Kia's estate version of their large saloon compares with the sister i40 model. They seem to have constantly evolved the Optima while Hyundai has rather neglected the i40 range with only a mild facelift in 2014 the only change of any note since its inception in 2011. Anyway Graham, I hope the Tucson suits you and lives up to your expectations. Should we experience a bad winter this time round, I may well regret not purchasing 4WD, something I have intended to do for a long time. If your Tucson is 4WD, you will benefit in such a circumstance, indeed, even if it's only 2WD, the bigger, chunkier tyres and tread pattern will probably prove useful. Regards, Indalo
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    Picking it up on Saturday afternoon Nick Couple of niggles in my mind about the spec, especially the lack of front parking sensors on the SE NAV,
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    Best of luck with the Tucson, Graham. I did look again at the Hyundai range a few weeks ago but in the end, decided to go for the new Kia Optima estate car. All things being equal, I should collect that later this week or next week at the latest - awaiting a phone call right now. The first few weeks should determine whether or not I like it enough to keep long-term or not. If I'm not happy with it, I shall take the hit and trade it for something else. It was ok on a short test drive but the every day experience isn't necessarily the same thing! I shall continue to look in on these pages to see what other early i40 adopters do for their next car. I know quite a few have slipped away from the brand but some others are long-term owners and still post the odd comment occasionally. Indalo
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    Hi Gazwould, Given that the other Diesel engine in my stable is a FQ8 known as a 1.9dci from the land of onions frogs and snails I do realise your concerns. I took it for granted that you already knew the low ash grade you needed but as the others have stated the grade is more applicable to the location conditions of the vehicle and vehicle useage. You will find on this forum that many members are high mileage fleet drivers so there needs maybe different than yours and not all based in UK for that matter. However to answer your question fully from Hyundai UK position. Shell Helix Ultra Professional AG 5W-30 ACEA C3 Hope this helps with your concerns.
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    I have had my i40 from new it is now 3 years old 27500 miles on the clock and overall i have been happy with it & no complaints.admit i had a couple of issues but they were taken care of without any fuss,the car has served me well I upgraded all the headlight bulbs to try and overcome the lighting problem they have but after a while you get use to the below par visibility..also changed the Tonka Toy twin horns as well . Its the end of an era for my saloon next week I take delivery of an ex demo Facelift Premium Tourer 1.7 CRDI 141 BLUE DRIVE (DCT) never had an auto before maybe its an age thing going auto ,the sat nav system is now powered by TOM-TOM ,as ever with the i40 it does come with a lot of standard features,It looks as if the head lights are different but its still got the Tonka toy twin horns so they will be changed.the 7 speed semi auto gear box should be fun look forward to using the different modes to their full use more so the sports setting. One thing I have learned is do not read and believe specific car forums about a car or you will never buy one no matter what make of car there will always be doom & gloom on it from people who nothing better to do. Silverhaired Racer
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    Yes, I have always had the same issue I too have had the steering wheel replaced, but pretty sure it was the same before that. Tried flagging it with Hyundai, but kept getting fobbed off with 'it's the tracking', so given up asking them now.
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    Hi DC 1) Remove key from fob 2) Using the flat tip of the key, place it firmly in the little gap between the two lugs about 3mm along from the rectangular hole into which the key fits. 3) Gently but firmly twist the key till you slightly prise apart the two halves of the case at the top. Then take a flat bladed screwdriver and very carefully open the gap around the more curved side of the fob until you have the two parts loosened but still in position. 4) Now, before you carefully remove one half from the other, the little key release button has a tiny spring behind it which will be lost if you are careless here so look out for that. 5) Once you have accomplished the separation, the battery compartment is self-evident but prise out the battery from the side without the little metal spring and don't lose that part. 6) The battery is one of the CR2032 type which are readily available in plenty of cheap shops. I'd advise paying a little extra for one with a name as some of the look-alike ones from China are really not very good. A card of assorted batteries from the 99p shop may seem like a bargain but I'd rather pay the price of a pint for a single CR2032 from any of the well-known brands as it's still a cheap item and will probably last 3 years easily. Re-assembly is, of course, a reversal of the strip-down and ends with a satisfying click when the case snaps together under gentle pressure. If you haven't already modified your key fob so the little release button sits flush with the surrounding case material, this would be a good opportunity to do it. I reckon the best way is to use a Dremel-type tool with a small cutting disc or alternatively, a grinding wheel to remove some of the length from the button. You can safely take it right down till it's flush and then the key and fob will no longer come apart accidentally. The tip of a pen or a pin will be required to press the button after that. Indalo
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    Here is the GDS diagram, in case you are having trouble getting the bumper off. Thanks, no1spaceman. i40 bumper.pdf
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    Thanks Hyundai72 ... yet according to Hyundai Customer Services I am the only one to have complained about the i40! They will not look at this forum, because Internet forums do not matter to them ha ha idiots! I have told them and the dealer - Burrows - that I will never touch the dealer again and will never ever buy Hyundai ever again. I paid for the 3 year service plan, the G3 paint protection as my long term committment ... and they have offered nothing. Yes, there is a five year warranty, but does that include refunds for the amount of wasted time, fuel costs ... no... and one day that warranty will run out. I am delighted to have stopped others buying Hyundai and the i40, because the headaches the car brings is just not worth it. Recently on 'Undercover Boss', which I do not think showed them in great light. Their marketing statements about the car are factually bordering on sheer lies ... perhaps a new show can be created for Hyundai UK to 'Car owning nightmare' - would be delighted to speak with Tony Whitehorn or Nick Tunnell about this, but appears they do not have to speak to their customers! Take these statements from Hyundai regarding the i40 "It all flows perfectly" "Smart efficient engines" "Refined interior with premium levels of comfort" "New thinking, new possibilities" "Cost savings efficencies" "Refinement & comfort" "Inner serenity" ... "Premium quality surfaces to fine seat fabrics" None of these are correct at all ... inner serenity ... this car is driving me insane! It is the first one I have had with any problems, and the service offered is worse than the build quality and quality controls Hyundai clearly use!
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    Hi Meli40, i have the Style i40 Blue Drive and have towed with this. Our van was only 1250Kg fully laden so pretty light. It towed a dream down the motorway in 6th gear with absolutely no problems. Pulling away required the extra revs but that is how the car is anyway without towing. The autohold is most definetly a must. You stop, whether on a hill or at a junction, the EPB is applied and then you just pull away with absolutely no issues. Another godsend of a button is the one to switch the reversing sensors off while reversing with the van attached - nice and quiet Anyway Good Luck with the tow, i'm sure you will have no issues. Regards Burgo
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    I also noted this with the dealer's demonstrator (i40 tourer premium) car I was given till mine arrived (mid December). I told the dealer and he has since taken it to a specialist. In the meantime I was given a saloon premium which, sadly also pulls to the left, but not to the same extent (the saloon car will pull to the right too if the camber is strong enough). Although one was the touerr and one was the saloon, both are non blue drive premium with the big 18" wheels. (Not sure if this has anything to do with it....). I was told that it could be a simple wheel alignment fix, or worse case scenario .... a new steering rack!!! I can assure you I will be testing this when my car arrives....
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    of the six I40 we had since may the tally is: 1 x engine blew after 3 days 1 x clutch 4 x punctures. 6 x poor handsfree - started fitting parrots now. 6 x poor sat navs with no tmc. No longer ordering from hyundai !
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    I bought a 140 Tourer last August when they were frist launched. The Blue tooth system has never worked right...it was upgraded under warranty after several visited to the dealer ...it still only works 50 % of the time. I have had problems with the gear box from day one grinding when going into 2,4 & 6th gear...eventually after 12 months I had a new gear box replaced under warranty. Last weekend I went away with Family only for the break pads to go...with very little notice about 30 mins !! no warning sound or anything..I have only 28000KM on my car..I have been told by the dealer that that is quite natural !!!..all I do is school/ work runs ...I am not a heavy driver...my car had to be towed by the AA..I am not a bit happy with this car...and will get rid ASAP
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    Hyundai i40 Saloon Sales Brochure January 2012