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    Quick follow up on this - just off the 'phone to the dealership and it is the clutch and flywheel but to my great surprise and very considerable relief they have ordered the parts and will fix it under warranty - I think this deserves a mention as I think they have gone well above and beyond here and I give them full marks for it, and courteously done too! Restored a lot of faith in the car and the brand, first class, good for them. Matt
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    For the oil filter , a sockets required. 26/27 mm I seem to remember. I find it a little easier if you remove the two 10mm bolts that sit by the bonnet hatch. You can then remove the plastic air inlet hose . Just pull up and remove. Whilst attempting to remove the oil filter ease back the water hose for easier access. You can remove bracket that water hose sits on , also a 10mm. It really is a doddle of a job for anyone .
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    Hi everyone, i have a hyundai 2011 i40 estate which i,ve had for a while, first Hyundai for me, always had Fords, mondeo's, had a problem with N/S rear caliper sticking on, wasn't the EBS motor, but the piston, had pads changed in April this year, pistion really hard to push back, but garage managed to fit new pads, week ago N/S was down to the metal again, back to garage, this time would not go back, so only fitted new pads on O/S using old O/S pads on N/S just to get me back on the road, garage told me needed new or recon caliper, priced these up, £150 + £100 surcharge refunded when they had my old one back, Hyundai wanted £313 inc vat for new ones, stupid money !!, i,m a very handy guy, so i ordered a new set of seals from Bigg red £23, if i messed them up just buy a recon one, this is what i did, DID NOT HAVE BRAKES WOUND BACK VIA PLUG/COMPUTER. brake off, wheel off, clamped brake pipe then removed, removed EPB plug, removed caliper, 2 x 14mm bolts, brought in house, removed motor, 2 x alien key bolts, used drill and tork bit to wind piston out fully, there is cog which motor sits on, then wound it back fully, removed piston, WATCH THE FLUID, unscrew the piston ram. then the sir clip from the cog at the rear of the piston, removed ram screw/cog, removed small seal for ram screw/cog, then piston seal, cleaned all parts, making sure seal groves are clean, replaced small O ring seal for ram screw/cog, replaced piston seal, replaced ram screw/cog, replaced sir clip, screwed down ram on threaded ram screw, lightly greased pistion seal with grease supplied, slid dust seal onto piston, pushed piston into caliper, dust seal is the tricky one to fit, bit of fiddling and it was in, when you replace motor, there is a rubber O ring that needs to be replaced before fitting, THATS IT !!, ALL DONE, replace caliper, replace brake pipe, replace plug, i fitted new pads, bleed fluid and thats it, no need to reset anything, parking brake works as it should, DON'T KNOW WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT !!!!, done both calipers, working a treat !!!!, meant to take pictures of it all but forgot : ( shame, really simple to do, no need to be plugged in and wound back, cost me £100 all in, new disc's/pads/seals/fluid, sorted, if you need any help or have any question, please ask, thanks hope this helps !!!!!
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    Omg Gareth can't believe they hide behind the warranty!!! The attraction of the warranty to the consumer is the confidence in the build quality of the product and NOT oh well it's cheap shit........... but we've replaced it with more cheap shit at no cost to you whilst your in warranty.
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    In that case with the ideal motorway journeys it must be some other reason like even a thermostat in some situations preventing correct regeneration. Regeneration relies on too many sensors to perform at their optimum , such a flawed system . It belongs in the bin !
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    Hi all had i40 tourer for around a year its a 2012 premium blue drive version as usual its been to the dealers a few times and as i type its there again .i will look to post a new thread in relevent spot,overall nice car but spoilt with inherant design flaws .cheers all, great site .sam
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    Well, the car has been in to the garage, and come out with a new clutch housing and seal. All done under warranty. Can't believe the difference, like a new car now! The brakes are still an issue, but there is no way they will get done under warranty, so I am looking in to getting them done elsewhere. We're not getting charged for the courtesy car either I am glad to say. All is well again! Thanks all for the advice and so on, much appreciated, Garry
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    I’ve ordered an OE filter and the Quantum oil you linked to on the other thread. Which may cause me an issue as that’s 5l lol. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I’ll let you know how I get on...
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    Insert the smaller 5.8mm diameter tube , only an empty container if quantity is 4L which usually isn't the best value compared to 5L .
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    There has been a lot of discussion about the software/firmware update available for Hyundai media systems spread across a few threads, I have preformed the update on my own i40 and a friends ix35 and I am responding to the request for a step by step guide. If the mods feel it appropriate it might be useful as a sticky. 1. Go to http://www.navigation.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/Navteq-HyundaiEMEA-Site and select your car from the drop down boxes on the left. 2. This will take you to the update page for your vehicle. Scroll down the page and in the bottom left you will see a link for the software/firmware update. Click on it. 3. The instructions will appear in front of you along with the download link. You must ensure that your current software is 5.1.3 in order to proceed, if it is a version lower than that then you need to get your Hyundai dealer to get to at least 5.1.3. To check your current version press and hold the settings button on the media system for at least 5 secs, the display will then show current versions. 4. If you have defined that you are suitable for an update then click on the download link and when prompted save it to your PC. Ensure that you have an empty USB thumb drive at least 1GB in size to put the file on. 5. Unzip the contents of the downloaded file directly to the root directory of the thumb drive. 6. Start up the engine of your Hyundai and insert the thumb drive into the USB port. It will read and automatically start the program. Follow the instructions on the display of your Hyundai screen. 7. The initial installation of files is reasonably quick, then it will go I to decompression of a 1.42Gb file which takes a good 15 minutes, this is helped though by the fact that at least the radio still works giving you something to listen to whilst the install proceeds! After decompression another section of install takes place which again is reasonably quick. AT NO POINT IN THE INSTALL PROCESS SHOULD YOU SWITCH OFF THE ENGINE OR REMOVE THE USB DRIVE!!! 8. The media system will then restart, so the screen will go black and then the Hyundai logo will re-appear, the system though will go back not the installation procedure because you will still have the thumb drive inserted in the USB port. The same update screen you will have seen previously will appear, but the current version and update version will be the same number, indicating that the update process has worked. 9. Press CANCEL on the touchscreen and you will be returned to the media screen you were previously on, so radio, bluetooth or GPS. By pressing the settings button then pressing TRAFFIC on the touchscreen you should now see that TMC is available, give the system time to get the latest traffic data through the FM antenna.
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    Millers without a doubt is top draw as they produce CFS Nanodrive NT+ , a very good ester racing oil . I'm confused as to why they've got two identical spec oils ? However the same high quality VW 504.00 507.00 can be had for less . https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quantum-Longlife-5W-30-Fully-Synthetic-Engine-Oil-5-Litre-Bottle/222691140295?epid=1705379933&hash=item33d96d22c7:g:dbIAAOSwRZBZyjGh https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Granville-Hypalube-EVO-Fully-Synthetic-5W-30-Engine-Oil-Additive-Low-SAPS-5-Ltr/122784580291?epid=0&hash=item1c968802c3:g:58EAAOSwVlVZ-HXT
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    Get a vasectomy .
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    Vehicle manufacturers don't always have the best answers , that's why their standard mapping , suspension set ups , etc are easily eclipsed by aftermarket . I've always gone above the recommended pressures and have yet to experience over inflation middle wear whilst experiencing better handling and mpg .
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    Incorrectly fitted , rush job.
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    Underinflation usually affects both sides.
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    Alternator is fine mate , just the pikey fuse repair , repaired again a little more robust until they turn up. That part number is probably wrong as Google and FleaBay suggest it's a single 150A fuse .
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    Update: Finished replacing it and now works as it should. Had to remove all clips and screws holding the bumper to access the middle one. Those on the sides are accessible from underneath. Took about 2.5 hours total time. Silicon sealing on the old was loose.
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    Good shout , I've got them around 40psi now , absolutely fine and makes sense , manufactures don't always have the best answer !
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    Well of the 3 5W30 C3's they're all 69 centiStokes at 40 Celsius . If it goes quiet without info , calls continued not to be returned , I find walking into the dealership naked usually gets their attention .
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    Oil sampling kit ordered. Will keep you updated and post results when I get them
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    With http://www.theoillab.co.uk/downloads/ think I'm going to go for it... forewarned is forearmed...
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    Well above 45 mpg hasn't been seen as an average journey in the Premium . Bet they didn't replace the turbo that was beginning to get wrecked with diesel contaminated oil . All I have to say is.. And whilst in get them to paint the dam thing yellow !
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    Well, he's right in one respect - about many Hyundai's pulling to the left; mine does, quite heavily, and have never been able to sort it out - dealer always refused to even look at it. Clearly not a safety feature, but more likely some sort of design issue I suspect.
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    This will be of interest to you Ken. puts to bed their safety claim. https://www.2carpros.com/articles/car-pulls-right-or-left-when-driving-or-braking
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    Gazwould. I reckon your spot on. Good luck with whichever way you decide to go.
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    Ooo yeah , in need some Tipex , you Sir are a scuffler and in need of some fetching driving slippers
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    Car currently in having a new radiator under warranty. Thanks for the responses guys.
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    Your mate's car probably has "adaptive" cruise control, which does indeed adjust your speed depending on the traffic around you. As far as I know on the i40 its just standard cruise control, which means all it does is hold you at the speed you select and you have to make the adjustments depending on the traffic.
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    If you continue to experience this problem, I'm afraid that, unless you are well-versed in automotive electronics and have access to a full suite of electronic test instruments, this kind of work is best left to a Hyundai dealer. If you are lucky and the car is within the warranty period, it could be covered. Best of luck! Indalo
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    Hi Lewie84, did the hold & autostop lights still come on when you next used the car, or has it sorted itself out? There are occasions where the system turns itself off by design; if you keep the brake pedal depressed for too long (eg, all the way down a long hill) it disables the system. This is the expected behaviour, but will reset when you next start the car.
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    If it's the same problem I had with my first i40T then you might be in for a wee bit of trouble! Having driven the car for 18 months or so without any radio issues, the reception just went, it would display "No Stations Available" on the screen. The garage had trouble finding the cause as in that area there was some reception and the "Well it works OK here" response was given a few times. It was only when I started making quite a fuss about it that the mechanic took the car home for the weekend and confirmed the radio was indeed no good! I think they ended up replacing the antennae wiring which solved it and from that point on it was fine. If you are out of warranty and funding the repair yourself be warned that my garage replaced the head unit (no effect) also the antennae itself (no effect) and these of course you would have to pay for. Wish you well with it.
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    I can't see them really being 5000K as to gain an 'E' mark they must be below around 4300K 4400K as above might be considered as emergency services. So 5000K is a bit of 'marketing' . Also they're not perceived as a true performance bulb as many reviews suggest unlike Osram Night Breaker and Philips Xtreme Vision so bit of an experiment as going to also try..
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    That don't sound good Gareth. Think everyone apart from Hyundai the cause of that one. Just a pity Hyundai have buried its corporate head in the sand and haven't done any proactive recalls to prevent failure or even acknowledge that coolent/fuel getting into engine oil.
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    Yeh true say. 186bhp with egr and dpf still in I dont know the diameter its the standard one for Hyundai Yeh definitely. Saving up for the rest modifications lol - Gonna make this Baby sooo speedy and sexy lol!!
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    The rear o/s disc is definitely scored and I'd say in need of replacement. I've contacted my local garage and he has all the up to date diagnostic gubbens required for the job. Just need to get the price from him now for the replacement.
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    Well I've just done the decoder ( coolant loss with no overheating and short engine replacement ) and the 18.1.12 built car ( 62 plate ) also has the engine factory as 084 Ulsan ( Korea ). So is this dispelling the myth of an Indian factory being responsible ?
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    Is it from a main dealer ? If so presumably it's sold as an approved used , then you have the warrenty till its 5 yrs. i spend 13 hrs a day in mine and its as comfortable as they come. If it ticks your boxes !!!!
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    Well my 2013 plate because of the coolant lose issue had the bottom block replaced under warrenty. haveing said that I saw no evidence of any coolant lose at the time although main dealer said there was evidence of coolant in engine oil. I recieved new con rods and pistons at 30k so was kind of glad at the time.
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    I wouldn't swear to it but from memory, all the cases I remember being reported were from 2011-2012. Having said that though, actual examples which suffered the water-loss fault were small but nevertheless, I'd prefer to go for a later model if in budget. Indalo
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    Check post #27 of this thread out: http://www.hyundai-forums.com/i40-forum/160993-i40-wagon-pulling-left-intermittently.html There is a theory that the castor and camber angles may be out from the factory. These I believe are not adjustable so bespoke pieces need to be fabricated to put them right.
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    Yes, I have always had the same issue I too have had the steering wheel replaced, but pretty sure it was the same before that. Tried flagging it with Hyundai, but kept getting fobbed off with 'it's the tracking', so given up asking them now.
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    It will be interesting to get hands on the redesigned model. Quite sure the salesman will be phoning me when the new model comes out but then again after my last conversation about the i40 he may not bother !! M...
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    of the six I40 we had since may the tally is: 1 x engine blew after 3 days 1 x clutch 4 x punctures. 6 x poor handsfree - started fitting parrots now. 6 x poor sat navs with no tmc. No longer ordering from hyundai !
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    I bought a 140 Tourer last August when they were frist launched. The Blue tooth system has never worked right...it was upgraded under warranty after several visited to the dealer ...it still only works 50 % of the time. I have had problems with the gear box from day one grinding when going into 2,4 & 6th gear...eventually after 12 months I had a new gear box replaced under warranty. Last weekend I went away with Family only for the break pads to go...with very little notice about 30 mins !! no warning sound or anything..I have only 28000KM on my car..I have been told by the dealer that that is quite natural !!!..all I do is school/ work runs ...I am not a heavy driver...my car had to be towed by the AA..I am not a bit happy with this car...and will get rid ASAP
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    Hello there. New to this site but owned my i40 for 6 months. This is my first Hyundai as previously have always had VWs or Skodas. My last car was a Skoda Octavia vRS diesel which I had owned from new for nearly 5 years. I had had no problems with this car (apart from being burgled by someone trying to steal it) but now have a longer commute to work so wanted something more comfortable. When my fiance changed her car last year I managed to find her a pre-reg i30 diesel comfort with over £5k off the list price. She just wanted a 5 door hatchback with a diesel engine. We have been so impressed by the car I intended to buy one in premium spec for myself. However that all changed when I got to the dealership! When I walked into the showroom back in January, it was the week that the i40 saloon was launched in the UK. Inside sat an i40 saloon in black and I fell in love with its shape. I walked away to think about it and returned in March having been swayed back to the i30, but the new version. The dealer gave me the keys to the new i30 in style trim so that I could have a look around, but while I looked around it and sat in it my eyes kept being drawn to the i40 saloon sat next to it on the forecourt. I said this to the dealer and he said he would do a deal on the i40. The car was their demonstrator with only 60 miles on the clock and he would knock nearly £4K off the list price of a new one. I took it for a test drive and loved it and became the proud owner of an i40 CRDi Style in titanium silver. Compared to my Octavia the i40 is no ball of fire, but then again that is not what I bought the car for. It is a great cruiser and really comfortable. The equipment levels for the price are exceptionable. If I wanted an Octavia or Superb with the same level of kit I would be a few grand lighter. I also love the way the car looks and like to drive something different from the norm. In the 6 months I have owned it I have only seen 2 other i40 saloons on the road. Its surprising you dont see more of them considering what you get for your money and the positive reviews from the motoring press. My only negatives so far is that the steering is a bit light (something that has come up in other reviews of the car), the boot hinges intrude quite a bit, the lack of accessories for it and the fuel economy has been average at around 50mpg. I recently fitted a K&N air filter which has improved the mpg by about 3-5 mpg. The car has done 9200 miles so far so it might get better as the miles pile on. I used to notice that the mpg would increase on the VWs and Skodas I had after about 30,000 miles, so time will tell. Otherwise I am really pleased with the car and really really pleased Ive found this forum!
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    Well I have now had this i40 close to 5 months and 6000 miles. The issues so far have been this: 1. Faulty front parking sensor. 2. Scratched glass on front drivers side window. 3. Condensation and 3 inches of water in the rear drivers side light cluster. 4. Condensation in the drivers side indicator lens mounted on wing mirror. 5. Luggage net not retracting. 6. Broken silver clips in the boot. 7. Stone chip on front of boot now beginning to rust. 8. Leather on steering wheel peeling off. The sensors have been fixed as has the drivers side window. The light cluster and the indicator lens have been replaced. The luggage net has been replaced. Absolutely no problems at all with the dealer. I have had the steering wheel photographed in the last week and this problem will be dealt with under warranty. I am just waiting for the part. Once the part arrives and I have a date to have it replaced I will bring the rust and the broken clips to their attention. Given the small problems I have had with this vehicle you would think that I would be unhappy with the vehicle but not at all. It is still a wonderful car to drive and I get a real enjoyment from it. I am currently averaging 64mpg with 73mpg on long runs. The problems I have had have been dealt with speedily and professionally by the dealer. Still no regrets at all with the purchase of this vehicle. M...
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