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    Oil sampling kit ordered. Will keep you updated and post results when I get them
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    With http://www.theoillab.co.uk/downloads/ think I'm going to go for it... forewarned is forearmed...
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    A friend has just been round the block like yourself but with Kia, same engine as I've looked . kia done this and that , until finally finding the fault. DPF replacement. His problem started with loss of power as he came off the moterway. good luck mate.
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    Well above 45 mpg hasn't been seen as an average journey in the Premium . Bet they didn't replace the turbo that was beginning to get wrecked with diesel contaminated oil . All I have to say is.. And whilst in get them to paint the dam thing yellow !
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    It's a bit quiet in here , lol , too used to being spoilt by high volume forums you could ask and get a creditable answer in as little as 3 minutes . Dealer diagnostics clear and test drive confirm my 'characteristic' theory . Looking at a dyno plot it's basically got zero torque at low revs ( 1000rpm ) , it's got 100 lbft at 1500 rpm . There's only one way to fix this characteristic...