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    In that case with the ideal motorway journeys it must be some other reason like even a thermostat in some situations preventing correct regeneration. Regeneration relies on too many sensors to perform at their optimum , such a flawed system . It belongs in the bin !
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    Good shout , I've got them around 40psi now , absolutely fine and makes sense , manufactures don't always have the best answer !
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    Well there it is folks , it's a side arangement . So wether the side oil cooler drains into the vertical oil filter housing remains to be seen next summer when we service it for a fraction of the price .
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    Whenever my dealer serviced mine , On every occasion the oil level would be above the mark. wether they just have a certain amount they just plonk in you'll never know. iv always found that the oil turns black almost immediately tbh. iv just ordered oil & filter today to do at the weekend. I do it 10000 miles religiously. I'll take note of how of how long it takes the oil to turn .
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    Modern diesels do especially if they have an inaccessible oil cooler that could contain 500 ml of used black oil containing diesel . Egr with it's extra soot production concequense . On my VW I have the pleasure of a disabled egr and the accessible oil cooler directly below the oil filter housing , sucked out with an oil extractor and 6 month oil changes the fresh oil stays remarkebly clean for months .
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    That's understandable , the wrong type of rain !
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    I also had this problem, less than a dribble coming from washer jets but can hear motor working. Got a mechanic to drain the washer tank and clean out crap blocking the filter to the washer jets and refilled. Had to remove drivers side wheel and inner arch to access the tank. All working now. Hope this helps
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    Well of the 3 5W30 C3's they're all 69 centiStokes at 40 Celsius . If it goes quiet without info , calls continued not to be returned , I find walking into the dealership naked usually gets their attention .
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    Confirmed , Hyundia and Kia spend 5 minutes designing a car . Sales first , design better later after the public have kindly pointed out the issues.
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    I tried to update maps via a Hyundai site using USB stick. it crashed and I now do not have use of anything on the touch screen or buttons. I have one radio station and that's it. I cant find anyone that can reset this , unless I go back to the Hyundai dealer and do a factory resest by Navteq , which will not be cheap. thanks nick