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    Hi all had i40 tourer for around a year its a 2012 premium blue drive version as usual its been to the dealers a few times and as i type its there again .i will look to post a new thread in relevent spot,overall nice car but spoilt with inherant design flaws .cheers all, great site .sam
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    I can't see them really being 5000K as to gain an 'E' mark they must be below around 4300K 4400K as above might be considered as emergency services. So 5000K is a bit of 'marketing' . Also they're not perceived as a true performance bulb as many reviews suggest unlike Osram Night Breaker and Philips Xtreme Vision so bit of an experiment as going to also try..
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    Hi Garethp I've been having same problems with fuel in oil .Turns out that the dpf was frigged.had that replaced (luckily)under warranty and new battery now isg works.and am returning low 60s mpg . Previously it was high 30s. Mine has 128000 on .Hope this helps cheers Sam
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    That don't sound good Gareth. Think everyone apart from Hyundai the cause of that one. Just a pity Hyundai have buried its corporate head in the sand and haven't done any proactive recalls to prevent failure or even acknowledge that coolent/fuel getting into engine oil.
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    We've had our i40 Tourer Style (2012 model), since May 2013. Although we really like this car, we've had numerous issues with the vehicle - most of which have been rectified under the 5 year warranty (thank God!)... e.g. failed rear parking sensors, fuel filter issues, various internal electrical faults. However, today we learnt that after 3 years ownership that the recent loss of coolant is caused as a result of a cracked engine block and our dealership are applying to Hyundai UK for a replacement engine! Dealership state that many of the 2012 engines, built in India, are being found to have this problem. The coolant was replaced as part of the 60k service a few months ago. Two weeks ago the i40 went into 'limp home' mode when the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve) became defective, meaning the car had to be towed to the dealership. During the repairs, the coolant was found to be very low with no visible sign of any leaks. Coolant topped up and we were asked to return after a further 500-1000 miles, which we did today. Coolant levels have substantially dropped again and after a pressure test today they've confirmed a diagnosis today which reveals the dealership suspects the engine block is fractured and needs to be replaced. They are requesting a new block from Hyundai. This work will cost in excess of £5000 and take a weeks labour and inconvenience to us, but thankfully this is covered under the 5 year warranty. This is shocking news, but more essentially questions our confidence in the whole Hyundai brand. We'd love to get a new i40 one day, but after a whole catalogue of defects we've had rectified over the last 3 years and now this major engine defect - why should we? Also, how long has this engine block been defective? What impact has this had on the life of the car and it's efficiency and performance while we've owned it. We feel very let down by Hyundai, despite the faults being repaired under the warranty. The inconvenience has been irritating to say the least. A new engine we are told will not receive a new five year warranty and our 5 year standard warranty will still expire in March 2017.​ Hyundai are clearly aware of the many i40's that are being returned with this major defect in it's replacement engine blocks, so why haven't they informed owners and recalled these specific models at the very least for checks to be made? I'm very, very keen to learn about other i40 owners who have experienced similar problems and what response they've had from Hyundai UK if any. Rather than spending £5000 on replacing my four year old engine - will Hyundai give me £5000 off a new i40 in an attempt to reward my loyalty to their brand???
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    Yeh true say. 186bhp with egr and dpf still in I dont know the diameter its the standard one for Hyundai Yeh definitely. Saving up for the rest modifications lol - Gonna make this Baby sooo speedy and sexy lol!!
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    I bought it of Autotrader from Hyundai - Its just a annual service the car goes through via Hyundai - Il do the egr dpf after its had its service just to be safe lol
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    Yeah I've had that, yet another parking sensor fault