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  2. Apple Car Play

    Nice one Finbarr ! Passed this info to a multi national FaceBook i40 group as it might help someone in a similar position. Hoping that's okay? Cheers.
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  4. Apple Car Play

    FYI I have posted a short blog post with full english instructions on how to do the upgrade, for anyone who is interested.
  5. Apple Car Play

    Hey Ian, Yep I totally understand. I would also have went with the Hyundai method if it weren't for the rip-off republic being in effect . The update I installed last night removes the need to use an SD which came with the car, which is a nice added benefit. I recorded the update as I did it and posted the video on youtube for anyone else who is wondering how it is done. Thanks for your help with all of this. It was this thread that got me thinking it was at all possible in the first place, and for that I am grateful. Regards Finbarr
  6. i40 wagon service/garage manual?

    Gave it a shot and the cable fits right behind the top of the a pillar trim, and into the door seal and across the back of the glove box (mine is LHD) Will investigate the fuse tapper for a more permanent solution and to avoid having the cable plugged into the charger all the time. Also found what seems to be the part number I need, which is called the "housing fuel filler door" part number 815953Z000. But apparently the sprign rod is not sold on its own.
  7. i40 Can not open Fuel Flap / Cap

    Apparently that part is not sold separately, I only found the complete housing fuel filler door part number 815953Z000 in the catalog. Now searching on breakers and scrappers sites to try and find one.
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  9. Apple Car Play

    Finbarr - Well done if you've tested these files and its worked for you. I'll give it a miss though thanks - I get it done free under the warranty cover of Hyundai! Shame we can't copy the SD card somehow but I guess that's the point of Secure Digital with its locked content. Thanks for your efforts non the less and enjoy the added connectivity. Best regards.
  10. Apple Car Play

    Ok so eventually I figured this out. I know Ian you were saying the software update is free at the local dealer, but the local Hyundai dealer here in the Irish republic doesn’t think so was looking for €100 for “labour” costs. So I looked to get the update files online and found them on another forum. Instructions on how to download and update to get Apple Carplay version (EUR) are here: https://www.drive2.ru/l/492401715044155399 Download Update Folder: https://yadi.sk/d/2P-O8kHN3RNyd5 and put on a USB drive (FAT32) and in car with car engine on. Go to system…update, etc. During the upgrade you might get an error (109). At this point use a ballpoint pen to press the reset button at the side of CD insertion. You need to remove the flash drive otherwise the error will appear in a cyclic form. After the restart, the update continued and was successfully completed. (No need to re-insert the USB key after the reset) This firmware turns off the verification of SD memory cards with navigation to match the original one. Now files with navigation can be put on any SD card. Maps Latest Maps can be downloaded here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8Thp/suDqMNSsF/ Do the software upgrade at your own risk, yada yada yada.
  11. i40 wagon service/garage manual?

    I see what you mean, going to poke around a bit. Don't want to mess with the fuse box yet, but will look into it. Any articles/pages you can recommend to start looking into the mini fuse tap for a total newbie?
  12. i40 wagon service/garage manual?

    Nothing to see and not my car , all consealed , the generic route for any car is along the roof lining , across the top of the A pillar trim and down the door seal side into a fuse box , in this instance using a mini fuse tap .
  13. i40 wagon service/garage manual?

    Great site, thanks, will search in there... Thanks! If you've done this, would you mind sharing some pics of how this turned out?
  14. i40 wagon service/garage manual?

    You don't need to remove the A pillar trim to conceal dash cam wiring it just tucks behind just fine .
  15. i40 wagon service/garage manual?

    Have a look here for a part number. https://partsouq.com/es/catalog/genuine/groups?c=Hyundai&ssd=%24NCUMR3wNY211XXJSNFhMRWtYW1d0A1xXSQ%24&vid=5720&q= As for the pillar, once you’ve peeled away the rubber on the door frame to pillar you can then pull upwards then pillar will fall away.
  16. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    So i contacted Hyundai Ireland and they are going to replace the clutch. They had contacted my local dealer to get the background on the car. In fairness there was no hassle or fuss with them, their representative stated there is an issue with 1 of the 2 clutch manufacturers. My clutch must be one of the dodgy ones. Was interesting that my local dealer had never heard nor seen of this reported issue with the Tucson but Hyundai Ireland clearly have.
  17. i40 wagon service/garage manual?

    Hi there I've been trying to find the garage/service manual for the i40 CW online and in forums but no luck so far. Anyone here know where I can find this? Among other things, I want to know how to disassemble pillar A interior fitting to route a dashcam cable. And also find the part number for the fuel flap push click button which is missing in my secong-hand 2013 i40. (Found the thread on this here, but no mention of the part number or part name) Thanks!
  18. Hi Many thanks for your quick response in this matter being an ex fitter i will take a look when the weather gets a bit warmer. i am not to bothered about the knocking as it is only intermittent over bumps .
  19. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    They can test weather it’s contaminating your engine oil. They surely can’t recognise theirs coolant loss and at the same time claim there’s no issue. Iv had coolant loss on 3 separate occasions. First was the dreaded new engine , well, bottom end as coolant contaminated the oil. ( there’s plenty of old threads on this issue and I’m sure the dealer would be well aware of this common problem) Second was a new radiator and third was a coolant hose that runs for the bulkhead to the egr cooler. It was hard to spot as the leak was from a hole that was covered by a sleeve that runs over the hose. Try another hyundai dealer??
  20. Light in roof is an ‘accent’ light. Noting more turning light. Cover off. Twist and remove, including holder. Remove bulb from holder no idea. There was a recall on rear suspension but, even bought mine made a load of noise the dealer was well beyond trying to help me st that point. Check that your spare wheel/jack/etc are bolted down under the floor...
  21. Hi all I40Tourer 2011 Can any one please tell me what the blue LED is that is always lit in the roof by the interior lights. it is not very bright but is on all the time. Also does ant one know how to remove the turning light bulbs, i know the cover has to be taken off by turning but not sure how the bulb is removed. one final thing which i think i have seen covered on here when going over rather bad bumps i get a rattle that sounds like it is in the boot, it has only just started recently and only over bumps. i have had a quick look but can not see anything obvious. any help would be appreciated, on the rattle issue i believe it may be some rear bushes but would like it to be confirmed and how detrimental this issue is.
  22. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    I have the exact same issue. Late 2016 1.7 diesel Tucson, which shudders when moving off from cold in 1st gear or reverse. Issue seems to disappear when engine has warmed up. Reported issue twice to Dealer. When it was in for 15k service and again just this weekend at 30k service. Asked them to keep vehicle and allow to fully cool down but just like Wibble, they couldn't reproduce or feel the shudder. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a video of the shuddering but I'm not sure if the problem would come across on a video. Rang mechanic this morning to ask if he knows of any issue regarding this model, he said no. He has seen the clutch changed on a few i40's though. I am anxiously awaiting a conclusion to IanL's problem above! In the meantime I will contact Hyundai Ireland and look for some info.
  23. Hello, I've had a good search of the forum but can't find the same problem I'm experiencing, I hope somebody can offer some advice. My i40 Tourer (1.7 136ps Blue Drive) is losing coolant at around a rate of full to empty in 1,000 miles. The car has been in to my local Hyundai service center twice. On the first visit a visual inspection was carried out, the system was filled and taped shut, and I was sent packing and told to bring the car back in 620 miles time. I completed the stated 620 miles, booked the car back in and when I dropped the car off, coolant level was just under half way to empty. This time the system was pressure tested but no loss of pressure was observed. And that is the end of it as far as Hyundai are concerned. No more tests or checks can be carried out as there is "no evidence of coolant loss". I'm at a loss as to why the coolant level is dropping but the car passes the pressure tests? Is that even possible? My current thinking is to get the car re-tested at a local independent garage (issue was reported to Hyundai under warranty so cynical me is wondering whether I've been given the correct pressure test result) but I was hoping somebody else might have had a similar problem or could shed some light or reasons why this might be happening. Many thanks for reading.
  24. Newbie

    Hi all just become the proud owner of an I 40 estate and thought it might be a good idea to join this forum to keep up to date with things. it is of 2011 vintage and as to date i have no issues with the said motor.
  25. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hyundai claim that they couldn't reproduce the intermittent judder issue....so basically I'm left to drive the car with the annoying judder until it gets bad enough for them to have to investigate it under warranty....it has taken the shine of my new Tucson somewhat especially when you have passengers who also notice the judder too! Fortunately for me I bought the car through a 3 year PCP deal...so I will simply hand the car back in 8 months time. My first and last Hyundai I'm afraid...cars go wrong but it's how you deal with the problems that count in my book. I don't expect a 28k car to start messing me about after 20k miles! IanL...hope they've managed to fix the underlying issue AND they fit you a new clutch/flywheel under warranty.
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  27. Car auction - Cars up to 95% off

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