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  2. Hi, not seen this I've before... Last few days, my headlights, which are usually set to auto, have been setting themselves to 'off' between trips. Thought I was imagining it, but I'm now certain it's happening on its own accord between journeys (not whilst traveling). Had anyone else encountered this, or have any suggestion as to why it's occurring?
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  4. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    Occasionally neither ISG or the driver seat automatically moving to driving position when closing drivers door - work. Driving with heated rear window on sorts it 100% everytime as per the tips given here. Thanks!
  5. Newbie

    Hi all. Mike here from Ireland. I've got a 2017 Tuscon 1.7 diesel. Great car apart from clutch judder. I'm hoping you get some info on here about it. Mike
  6. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Any update on this? I'm experiencing the same issues. Mike
  7. Clutch on the way out?

    Strangely the size of clutch is dependent on the horsepower model , 136 gets a 240mm whilst 115 receives 236mm , bonkers really .
  8. Where to source replacement clutch

    Once you factor in the labour it's probely very similar. my local Hyundai dealer have just upped their labour to £99 an hour.
  9. My i40 saloon 141 ps auto regularly returns 46 to 50 mpg combined and 60+ on motorways I am more than happy with that
  10. Where to source replacement clutch

    Thanks jcorish - that turns out to be even more than what Hyundai want. Perhaps I had unrealistic expectations of what this was going to cost (never had to replace a clutch before!) - I had something around £600 inc vat & fitting in my mind, but looks like I'm going to be some way off that!
  11. Where to source replacement clutch

    Try https://www.micksgarage.com/d/clutch-kits/hyundai/hyundai-i40/i40-saloon-2012-onwards/1-7-crdi-136-1685/products
  12. Hi, it looks like I'm going to have to get the clutch replaced. However, everywhere I've tried seems to be only able to get the replacement parts directly from Hyundai - which look to want to charge £600 just for the part. Does this mirror everyone else's experience with clutch replacements in the UK?
  13. i40 headlight change to Xenons

    I think most of it is good alignment on the max height allowed to see up the road , it doesn't matter how bright the bulbs are if they're pointing down you aren't going to see Jack... Abzy did fit HID but didn't follow up with any product links or pics . H7 LED are probably the way forward but there are so many out there I wouldn't know where to begin . Both the above HID and LED are technically illegal to fit in place of halogen but often pass MOT anyway if not too blue . Consider an 'E' marked performance halogen with a high pressure Xenon gas fill such as Ring Xenon 130%. They will always be yellow @ 3700K , father is using some E13 marked 5000K , probably the whitest E marked H7's . I wish people would use a lower suitable viscosity oil to cure these poor cold gear changes .
  14. Have the firmware updates ceased to be available now? I checked my car and I am on Firmware version 5.5.1 I think. When I go to the links on this thread all I get when I click on the i40 tourer is a message saying I need to go to a dealer. Bit of a bummer as the nearest one is 20 miles away.
  15. Hi Newbie here. I know there has been discussion on the poor headlamps on the i40 before and I am afraid this has been a long standing complaint I have with the car. My car is fitted with the standard headlamp (halogen) and I wondered if it is possible to buy a couple of used Xenon units from an auction site or breakers. They expensive even used so I thought I would come on here first and check that it is possible to fit a Xenon unit in place of a standard unit. Is there more to it than this? In summary regarding my i40 (13 plate bought in 14) the dealer has been useless in finding a solution for me. Things are so bad I am reluctant to drive the car in the dark as the dipped beam is non existent and I barely get a dull yellowish glow from the front. There's no beam pattern and I generally have to drive on full beam which I don't like doing for obvious reasons. If I can't use full beam I have to use the front fogs which offer a bit better illumination. If anyone has found a solution to the headlamp situation I would love to hear. It's a shame as apart from the 1st gear change in the cold I love the car. Cheers Jon
  16. mark philpott

    Yes no problem , iv disconnected many times without an issue. where did you source yours , I couldn't find anywhere other than main dealer unless I was prepared to wait at least a couple of days. needed urgently so paid the price. Although once your original 2 yr warrenty is out Hyundai supply with a 3 yr warrenty.
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  18. mark philpott

    After a little advice, bought new battery today, can i change this myself without losing memory in everything ? Thanks.
  19. Am I the only person who has one?

    Nice. Wonder what the price is going to be.
  20. Am I the only person who has one?

    Reborn as the Genesis G70 ! http://jalopnik.com/2018-genesis-g70-heres-how-south-korea-fights-the-germ-1813389001 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.topgear.com/car-news/first-look/genesis-g70-koreas-3-series-fighter%3famp
  21. Apple Car Play

    Yep afraid you wont be getting Apple CarPlay - facelift models (mid 2015 ->) only.
  22. Apple Car Play

    Afternoon All, I've just checked my 64 plate tourer and have a different menu, it was in for MOT last week and had the map updates, is this the older firmware??
  23. I30 Rain sensor

    More info on this. The standard screen which I now have has a blackout at the top that covers the mirror only. It doesn't go down far enough to obscure the sensor from the outside like the proper screen. So I've ordered some black tint to cover it. I'm going to cut out a square in the tint to stick the sensor straight to the windscreen using a sticky pad. I've made a template already. I think this should work. I don't think the sensor has to see through the windscreen straight forward. From what I gather, the light comes out of the sides, bounces off the curved interior, and back to the sensor, coming off the screen first if it sees any water. The wipers then adjust according to the strength of the light returned. E.g, no light, no wiper motion (there was no rain on the screen to bounce the signal back). I'll keep you posted. Hope this helps anyone in the same situation. Please, by god, don't buy the proper screen. You'll get ripped off. It cost me £175 instead of £420. And Autoglass wanted to charge me £650. .
  24. Best Way To Fit A Number Plate?

    Check ebay for a mount.
  25. Has anyone replaced the LED indicator light on an ix35 wing mirror (passenger side) at all and if so is it easy to do?
  26. Wing Mirror Compatability

    Hi, could any body tell me whether the 2012 i40 estate wing mirror would fit a 2015 i40 estate. Kind regards, Blakey.
  27. I30 Rain sensor

    No, unfortunately not covered. Saved myself a fortune though on standard windscreen. It was worth it even if I never get my auto wipers to work again.
  28. I30 Rain sensor

    Not an insurance claim ?
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