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    • Well I got to worried about it and went with my standard choice of Toyota... I will be keeping the car for sometime and it would only be on my mind....  Thanks all for the advice. 
    • Hello all.   Hoping someone can help. Our 2010 ix35 has developed a problem. The reverse cameras don't seem to be working i.e when you switch to reverse the sat nav screen no longer switches to the camera view. Also every few minutes a warning comes up on the screen saying the power will turn off in 60 seconds. Even when the engine is running. It seems there is a connection issue to the battery and to the rear cameras. We've taken it to our hyundai specialist who stated they don't know what's causing the issues and believe it is the sat nav unit itself which will cost £4000 to fit a new unit!!!! They have tried new cameras and say there's no issues with the wiring. I believe it may be more of a connection issue....as the problem seemed to occur when halfords had the car and they ran the battery down and had to charge it up again when we collected it.   Does anyone have any ideas as we are not paying 4000 for a new unit!   Many thanks   Jon
    • As a sufferer of this issue, my current arguing point, is that it went back to Hyundai at least 3 times with the same symptoms and, even after a catastrophic engine failure it was returned with the same fault. Now, it may be a dealer issue that is wasn't identified sooner, but their argument of 'it didn't show any error codes' is wearing a bit thin with me now...  Hell, it didn't show any error codes when the vacuum pump failed and got mangled in the timing chain and had pistons hitting valves!!! It may also be an isolated or age related issue - mine has now done over 145k miles, but I believe there is a serious design flaw in here somewhere...  I've had similar diesels from BMW and Vauxhall (and my Vivaro van, a Renault by all accounts) and haven't had this issue and have all covered similar, or more, miles. I'd be wary, but it's a good, well specced, cheaper alternative, IF it all stays good...  
    • Not 100% sure but it's looking like a dpf regeneration issue where a fault / sensor keeps requesting multiple regenerations , extra fuel is used to heat the dpf and the diesel used to do this gets past the piston rings into the crankcase oil .    Only one way to sort permanently , goodbye egr and dpf , hello Stage 1 . 
    • Hi, Sorry C'eed thought they had the 1.7crdi but it's a 1.6crdi.  Just a tad worried about the fuel/oil contamination, or is this just an isolated problem? 
    • Hello,    Been looking at a i40 recently for a replacement for my Mk1 D4D Yaris.  Pretty much  all set to buy one down the road, just the basic 12 plate 1.7 Tourer with 77k on the clock, all I need for camping, towing etc.   Just been reading about DPF woes and am a little worried as I would be using it for work, generally 10 miles each way with 4 miles of dual carriage way, With the occasional trip a bit further a field. My Yaris diesel is pretty much up to temp by the time I get to the dual carriage way as we have some nice hill to contend with and pick up the revs. All up and down here in Cornwall...  I'm just a tad worried to read about one injecting fuel into the sump, doesn't sound like a good prospect if you ask me.  Starting to think the i40 is best avoided....  Edit* we have the Kia versions in work which do around 40 miles a day which don't seem to suffer, not had a problem with them yet....  Cheers, Steve  
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