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    • Yes, blanked on the picture above behind the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator. on the picture above the side of cooler laying face down is the side that actual fixes alongside the right hand side of engine. To the right of the picture where the two bolt holes are visible would be facing up whilst fixed to the engine . The two bolt holes where I blanke face the back end of cooler. below the picture shows where I fixed the blank , it's the Same as the front as in two bolts either side of hole. difficult to see with this picture the exact location I know . To the right you can just make out the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator. as stated above , it would be an easier job to blank at the front (right hand side of the picture ) but that could also throw up a engine light.  
    • Some sellers have pics within the advert of wear to place an egr blank.     Just trying to familiarise myself with the anatomy as you say you blanked on the left hand side near the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator for ??  But can't see the place .  As you say the classic place would be to the right as you can see an egr feed pipe two bolt flange , albeit maybe best at bottom of tube at exhaust manifold end so the pipe doesn't unnecessarily fill with exhaust gasses .    The egr valve itself looks to be electronically controlled rather than vacume actuator .     
    • ....did you remove the image @CaptainInsano ?
    • ....what size alloys are they @Kamen666 ?   I am hoping to get a set of 19's for my Wagon soon....
    • The one i bought will do you, you won't get any instructions with any of them , i haven't when buying for 3 different cars.  Engine light comes on if you just disconnect. wish I could help more     
    • I'm still confused about this , seller isn't communicating very well  ( some people don't actually know their own product  ).  I ask for instructions of where to fit and he says they are in the Q & A's , they are not... they are in with the product , but which product do I get ?  There is no less than 8 conbinations just in the full blank  ( without hole )  easy fit range.   3mm mild steel NB + sealant  3mm stainless steel ND 3mm  mild steel NB 3mm stainless steel ND + sealant    1.5mm mild steel NA + sealant  1.5mm stainless steel NC + sealant 1.5mm mild steel NA 1.5mm stainless steel NC    narrowed down to 4 if you go Stainless steel , but which thickness , with sealant or without !?  And what is this NA NB NC and ND all about ??    I can't understand without remapping the egr out that Westkent's eml hasn't come on if he's successfully blanked the egr as post 2003 euro 3 the ecu has software monitoring for the egr , insufficient flow etc when impeded or a fault .  If the car is remapped with egr out( planned  for next month ) does it have to have a blank at all as the egr non operating is in a closed position thus blocking any exhaust gasses from being recirculated and the egr actuator vac line disconnected and plugged for good measure ??   
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