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  2. Oil sampling kit ordered. Will keep you updated and post results when I get them
  3. I'd like to see them try this. I've only ever added about half a litre of oil 120k miles ago. All oil supplied and changed by the dealer...
  4. With http://www.theoillab.co.uk/downloads/ think I'm going to go for it... forewarned is forearmed...
  5. Kia Optima with just 50k on the clock. Before they would even look at the dpf they insisted on replacing injectors. They then tried blaming inferior engine oil. was down to 30mpg. All good now.
  6. Yesterday
  7. A friend has just been round the block like yourself but with Kia, same engine as I've looked . kia done this and that , until finally finding the fault. DPF replacement. His problem started with loss of power as he came off the moterway. good luck mate.
  8. That's good , I was under the impression oil analysis was much more than that . Who is that with and what would their typical analysis look like ?
  9. Torn as to whether to take an oil sample and send it off for analysis before it goes in. £60 is not an insignificant sum, especially when I'm of the mind they should be doing it... any recommendations for places that may be cheaper? I'm really just looking to confirm if there's diesel in it...
  10. Last week
  11. Booked in for June 1st lets see what they say...
  12. As above rather than pay Mr Hyundai..
  13. Hi folks! I'm new to the site. I own a 2008 Hyundai i30. Hoping we can be a happy group members and sharing the same interest here as i do . Thanks for letting me join. Kind regards Jameson
  14. Give you a clue , it's in the small print !
  15. When they quote for life , gearbox oil , chains , tensioners etc they really mean 10 years / 100K . Everything now is made of chocolate , even the so called premium brands are rubbish . I returned some outdoor stainless steel lanterns recently only 3 years old , rusted , yet 30+ year ss cutlery subjected to washing up liquid salts are mint . Not enough chromium in the cheap Chinese steel these days . The teeth usually go on sprockets due to the tensioner going weak or breaking , the slack chain whips the teeth wearing them down and puts lovely bits of metal in the oil for the turbo , camshaft and big end bearings to play with .
  16. Mid 50s was a regular Occurrence for me. 95% motorway and roughly 30% of that is 50mph average speed cameras
  17. Well above 45 mpg hasn't been seen as an average journey in the Premium . Bet they didn't replace the turbo that was beginning to get wrecked with diesel contaminated oil . All I have to say is.. And whilst in get them to paint the dam thing yellow !
  18. My thoughts are this is what actually went on mine... undue stresses due to contaminated oil this is the state of the cam sprocket on my immaculately maintained vivaro at 130k , after it had been changed Cam chains aren't fit and forget like manufacturers would like you to believe...
  19. Not happy. Oil up 5mm over max and fuel economy down over 10% on my 3k mile new engine from this And this to this and this and it sound like the turbo bearing is going not happy...
  20. Yeah that's my thoughts. Will update my other thread...
  21. Sounds like diesel is getting in , the diesel will wreck the oils properties . As the graph suggests stock peak torque is near 3K , his previous 2.0 tdi was sub 1800 rpm .
  22. MAP!!! im beyond playing with stuff like this now. My car is my work horse and as long as it gets me from A to B reliably I don't really care!! but, out of curiosity, would you know when the turbo is supposed to kick in? I'm having a serious stutter at about 1,500 rpm sometimes. I can also hear the turbo bearing 'whistling' so am thinking it's on the way out. Hyundai won't change it under warranty as it hasn't 'failed'. I think I'll be going along the 'how long was it being lubricated ( or not) by contaminated oil causing premature wear' route. In other news, the oil level in my 3,000 mile old brand new engine is now 5mm above max and my fuel economy has dropped by about 10% again... Must book it in again...
  23. My 2015 1.6 Diesel manual i30 has a problem with the engine automatic cut-out. When the car stops the engine remains running, and the light on the switch comes on. I have followed manual instruction and cannot cancel the light. Can anyone tell me how to repair this problem?
  24. I need to remove the drivers door of my 2015 4-door i30 1.6 diesel. Could someone tell me how to disconnect the wiring loom, and which of the hinge bolts are the best to remove? It looks like the bolt into the door are easiest?
  25. Earlier
  26. 155000 miles, Crankshaft pull just gone. £238 + vat. Talked stores into a 10% discount. £80 labour from my local trusted mechanic. Anyone else had this ??
  27. It's a bit quiet in here , lol , too used to being spoilt by high volume forums you could ask and get a creditable answer in as little as 3 minutes . Dealer diagnostics clear and test drive confirm my 'characteristic' theory . Looking at a dyno plot it's basically got zero torque at low revs ( 1000rpm ) , it's got 100 lbft at 1500 rpm . There's only one way to fix this characteristic...
  28. I have facelift Nov 2013 ix35 CDTI S and wish to install rear sensors and rear camera-can anyone advise reverse wire feed colour and where to access feed etc. Do I need canbus sensors or relay-appreciate quick replay if possible-thanks Jobly
  29. Hi, ive recently purchased a Hyundai i30 1.6 Comfort Diesel but having a small problem with connecting my phone. The car doesn't have the Bluetooth feature so im trying to connect to the car via the USB port but all im getting is 'reading usb' on the radio display and my phone vibrates madly like its trying to connect but no charge nothing. Am i missing something simple here? Cheers!
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