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  2. Rev counter bouncin when idleing

    I experience slight bouncing when at tick over for the first 4 or 5 miles from cold. After that, everything seems to be ok.
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  4. i40 Wing mirror

    Hi. Wonder if anyone can help. Somebody bashed the wing mirror on my 2013 i40. The plastic casing is intact and it appears mechanically sound (folds and the mirror adjustments work). The trouble is the two plastic pins between the actuator and the mirror itself have gone. I attach a picture.... Does anyone have an idea about how these bits of plastic can be replaced? The local dealer thought that a whole unit would be necessary at a cost of £400+....! Thanks.
  5. i40 headlight change to Xenons

    Hi Gaz, If it takes a H7 hid kit then you will need an H7 Adaptor for HID, this will help your bulb lock in place. Btw inbox me and Il be able to help you. Thanks
  6. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    What battery code type is it , ie , 096 , 110 etc .
  7. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    same as mine i40 blue drive 2 years old needed new battery out of waranty the aa driver said to me there have been loads of call outs for hyundai batterys must be a bad batch hyundai quote 255 pounds to supply and fit makes you think 5 year warranty and only 2 years for battery
  8. i30 N causing quite a stir..

    i40 warranty runs out in 4 weeks... this could be my next car, next summer, if all goes well... (different dealer lol)
  9. i40 headlight change to Xenons

    please please please help I have tried more than 7 hid kits none of which will fit in the bulb holder of the i40 Tourer. I just tried some led lights that were even worse than halogen. I have also tried over 13 different halogen bulbs none give enough light to be able to see the road when there are oncoming cars. Anyone know how to find a hid kit that will fit, or led bulbs that have more light than a nightlight or a halogen bulb that will light the road more than just spitting distance please, and yes my head lights have been aligned getting so peeved with these lights and not finding a remedy thanks to anyone with the answer to my dilemma
  10. Charging car battery at home

    OK, thanks! I was in a battery shop where the expert advised me after a measurement I shouldn't buy a new battery, but I charge the old one for 24 hours. After the charging we will measure the capacity of battery. If the result is bad, hi will order a new battery for me.
  11. i40 headlight change to Xenons

    Hi, I have fittted a HID kit in mine and its alot better I will update my post about HID kit this week and will upload pics etc too and any questions you need help with let me know. Thanks
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  13. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    I wouldnt hold your breath, its been with Hyundai technical for nearly 12 months.... Heres the latest response from yesterday... Thank you for your further email. I appreciate the disappointment the situation is causing to you and do apologise for this. I am unable to confirm a timescale for resolution but can assure you that Hyundai are actively working towards a resolution for this.
  14. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hi My Tucson is the same age and same mileage. Slight judder on 1st gear when car is cold. Having read these reviews I will advise my dealer of the problem but suspect I will have to wait for a recall
  15. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Just got off the phone to Hyundai and they still have no timescale for a fix. To say i am a bit upset is an understatement. Anyone in the same boat can contact Hyundai here and please moan like hell. They could do with a bit of pressure.... Concierge@hyundai-car.co.uk
  16. Rear brakes binding

    Replacing pads on these cars is simple, Very nice setup. EBP is not an issue and there is no need to use a Gscan tool. Rewind can be done using a 12v Surge proteted car battety charger. With the EPB connection unplugged simply reverse the polarity on the piston motor and push back the piston at the same time. Clean out all around the piston and replace seals, also check the slide pins, they are notorious for jamming on this car. Clean them, regrease them or replace them. Pop in new pads, apply EPB and release again, bleed the system. Jobs Done.
  17. Charging car battery at home

    You won’t need to reset anything. It’s absolutely fine to disconnect. Done it many times on my i40 mate. although worth noting , with a low battery it’s worth driving with heated rear window and lights ,air con etc ON. this is because the alternator will only charge battery while under load. some eco crap reason for that.
  18. I'd like to charge my battery in my garage. For this I have to remove the cables from the positive and negative terminal. I read a description that says I have to re-teach and set some things after this operation. For example air conditioner, clock, board computer, audio equipment and electric windows. How can I do these operations? Is this a manual about these operations anywhere?
  19. Rear brakes binding

    Thanks both
  20. Child seats

    Get a vasectomy .
  21. Child seats

    Is it possible to fit 3 car seats in an i40 tourer? 2 rear facing and 1 forward facing? I have a 2012 model
  22. Rear brakes binding

    Hi, the dust seal would be the first to go, mine had, damage from previous pad changes it looked like, wind back tool !!!! ha ha, but as long as the piston is in good shape, just a set of new seals is needed, not the whole caliper, you can buy new piston's off bigg red, but didn't have them in stock when i ordered seal kit, mine were fine anyway, rear brakes/handbrake/autohold all working 100% again and no big hole in my wallet !!
  23. Rear brakes binding

    Hi, yes couple of hour's, most of that cleaning and making sure their spotless inside, there is no need for a wind back tool, believe me, the piston is not connected to the piston, when you wind the EBS back with some diagnostic tool, it winds back the ram that is pushing the piston, they should just push back, i suppose if you don't use a diagnostic tool they can be wound back with tool, just as easy to take the motor off and wind back with drill i suppose, wish i'd taken some pictures to show you the insides of these calipers and how they work and how easy to fix !!
  24. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/hyundai/i30-n/first-drives/hyundai-i30n-2018-review https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/hyundai/i30/20t-gdi-n-5dr/first-drive
  25. Rear brakes binding

    Thanks. If the seals have gone and there is corrosion is that the calipers that need changing or something else? Forgive my lack of technical knowledge
  26. Rear brakes binding

    Nice write up bunny. As iv invested in the correct tool to wind the pistons back I think I’ll stick to using that . Your hands on sort of fella your obviously capable going by your script . im pretty sure what your saying wouldent actually be that difficult given the time . a couple of hrs each side ???
  27. 2012 I40 Isg Not Working!?!?

    Hi, i found that if the battery is down this system will not work, new or second hand cars
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