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  2. Same with tyre sizes , default setting is as slim as possible for economics of build cost and emission / mpg figures . Come on 225 45 18 ( odd size tyre ) on an 8J , it's a big car ! 225 can be fitted to a 7J , got some 245 40 on now .
  3. Hi, Just had my rear heater pipes changed at the service because of the same thing, blocked pipes prevent hot water reaching the rear blower located in the right hand side of the boot, blower still works but not transferring the heat. Cost just over £400 plus fitting & VAT for both rear pipes.
  4. Hi, My name is Mick from Folkestone, Just traded my 12 plate i800 for a newer version H-1/i800. Looks exactly the same as the 12 plate but drives so differently, new dash layout, radio and rear camera. The first thing I did was to chain the spare wheel to the chassis after loosing my last one just a few days after getting it. I know it will not stop them but hopefully slow them down.
  5. Last week
  6. OK you all give up ! Q. for Abzy and his Quantum Tuning remap when they dynoed your i40 did they have all 4 wheels turning or just front ?
  7. Good shout , I've got them around 40psi now , absolutely fine and makes sense , manufactures don't always have the best answer !
  8. At my local dealer - Vantage Hyundai - Preston - they will pick you up/drop you off from home whenever the vehicle is in the workshop ... satisfactory service imo.
  9. Hi guys Just got an i800 and few things I want to change to make it better, namely; - cruise control - DAB Radio - front armrest - lowering springs - running boards / bars Has anyone done any of these and know where are good places to source parts from?
  10. Still in discussion. This is their written response about the failure Bearing in mind they told me they didn't strip it and it was going to Hyundai for investigation!! They also haven't said if they know why the vacuum pump failed! It's going a bit like that at the moment - it's like getting blood out of a stone. Everything they say just brings up more questions. Also, they've told me both, that I have and have not had a new turbo! they've also diagnosed turbo wear which, if the replacement is true, would be 1,500 miles old!! I'll keep plugging away...
  11. Messages and address please mate
  12. Wing 'em over old fruit I'll sort them .
  13. How do I our them up .???? I'm not getting anywhere
  14. Replaced my fuel filter today. Thought I'd share this as it's something I feel all members should take note of. Whenever I replace my fuel filter I also remove fuel pump ( fuel tank end ) and give it a clean. Bareing in mind I do this every 20000 miles I think you'll be surprised with the crap contained in the pump. pictures I hope to be able to show to follow.
  15. Could be one of three things I guess . 1. Leaking injector seal . 2. Dpf wants to too frequently regenerate due to conditions / a faulty sensor and this diesel used for regeneration gets into the oil . 3. Leaking high pressure fuel pump seal in engine .
  16. sorry for the delay , but yes I have dpf
  17. This chap got his engine replaced , identical issue , oil analysis , and could be a high pressure fuel pump engine seal . Must find out the root cause Gareth for everyone's benefit . You must feel absolutely savage .
  18. Earlier
  19. You have a dpf ?
  20. Hello I have a 2006 Tucson 2.0crdi and have noticed the oil level has risen in the 2 month period since the oil was changed , I assume diesel is finding it way into the sump and I was wondering if anyone may have experienced the same problem ,and what is the cure. thanks in advance
  21. Have received the fob off from the dealer wont post much more until it's resolved. can see trading standards and motoring press getting involved...
  22. Update: Got 'em from the dealer now. Will try fit it this weekend if the weather allows it. Also ordered another one of Ebay a bit cheaper. Exactly the same as this one (genuine) in titanium silver from the UK, just over 100 pounds. I wonder where does the water get in. Theres a rubber ring at the sesnor head, can also see some glue underneath to secure it in place. Maybe the glue degrades, and the rubber gets loose?
  23. Reject it !
  24. After much prodding, customer services finally got back to me.Not quite the response i was looking for.I've a feeling that this will turn into a similar situation as the I40 clutch problems. I would have thought they would have learned from that fiasco !"I refer to our previous telephone conversation regarding your vehicle and appreciate your patience in allowing me to look into this matter for you. I would like to apologise for this situation and appreciate the frustration and disappointment this situation has caused.I can confirm that I have contacted our technical and quality team who have advised that their understanding of the issue, based on details provided by Cheshire Oaks Hyundai, is that the judder is very slight and only happens with the first few applications of the clutch. If this is not the case and you are concerned about the vehicle then you would need to contact your chosen Hyundai dealership for them to look into further. I can advise that your feedback has been passed to Hyundai Europe for investigation however as it is not considered a safety concern we have no estimated time for a response. When an update is available the dealership will be made aware of both the cause of the issue and how to resolve it. I appreciate this is not quite the response you were hoping for at this time and I apologise for this. In the meantime if you do require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me."
  25. Yes. 136 you can see why I got a bit pi$$ed when it dropped to below 40
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