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  2. Apple Car Play

    Hi Ian Can you tell me how you get to that Connectivity Settings page? I cant seem to find it... Thanks
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  4. Apple Car Play

    Just to clarify - my car is a late 08/2015 facelift Premium Tourer which I believe is the same unit as the above pics which are from an early 2016 i40 Sat Nav Business -updated with software in the last month. I already have Android Auto since March this year when I asked for a software update on an interim service. I'll find out on Monday next if my car will get the Apple CarPlay update on it's 2 year service. I'm 50/50 on the outcome as Hyundai UK are NOT clear!
  5. Apple Car Play

    No - well not from Hyundai as it the wrong head unit.
  6. Santa Fe - Pan Roof

    Hi All, I am very tempted to chop in the family 2013 ix35 2.0 CRDi 4x4 Auto (although it's mint with only 20k on the clock) for a 2014 Santa Fe Premium SE. In all honesty, the main thing driving this is that I'd love the pan roof, it really does make the car a very nice to travel in especially for those in the back. It seems that pan roofs are not without their issues though and there seems plenty of examples online of them creaking and groaning as the car flexes and even some shattering when driving in a straight line! This is putting me off a bit. Does anyone have a Santa Fe with pan? I'd very interested in any views please. Thanks in advance.
  7. Apple Car Play

    Hi. I have a 13 plate i40. Can the Satnav be updated for Apple Play?
  8. Apple Car Play

    Here's some evidence
  9. Last week
  10. Apple Car Play

    Yes it does - updated software will give you that and Android Auto if you haven't already got it.
  11. Auto Hold

    nope - it's a PITA, but you get used to doing it as part of getting in the car!
  12. Apple Car Play

    I have a 2016 i40 Tourer, any news on whether this car will or does support Apple Car Play?
  13. Auto Hold

    I drive an Automatic i40, with Auto-Hold function. It seems bizarre that the auto-hold function is not on by default - and I have to turn it on for every trip?? Is there a way to turn it on permanently?
  14. Digital Speedo

    Hello, I have recently bought a 2016 Hyundai i40 Tourer - and cant find a way to enable a digital speedo? Im stuck with the analogue dials, which is OK - but prefer a digital speedo. When setting Cruise Control - it also does not tell you a speed, you have to set it based on the analogue dial - seems strange?? Does anyone know how i can enable a digital speedo on the drives info panel?
  15. Cruise Control

    Hi I have a 2015 i40 1.7 S Saloon without air con can it be retro fitted with cruise control by fitting a cruise equipped steering wheel.
  16. Facelifting IX35

    Hello , just bought a 2013 1.7CRDI IX35 and would like to face lift the front and rear lights to the 2014+ look. Has as anyone done this and is it a straight replacement for any end? Thankyou
  17. Upgrading Radio

    Hi I am new to this site and new to the Hyundai brand I have bought a Hyundai ix35 1.6 Blue Drive and looking to put in the following model of Kenwood which is • DNX4230DAB can anyone tell me if this fits this model of car? Many Thanks
  18. Tuscon hesitating

    Going to try new throttle body have also notice no3 injector damp around top will replace see if that cures hestiaion still no stored fault codes???????
  19. 75mph best mpg sounds to high to me hense high mpg figures are quoted at 56mph .
  20. If the internal computer reading is accurate with the previous cars the highest mpg tends to be on motorways at around 75mph, so hopefully with 7 gears the dct-7 model will be frugal too!. Honest John may have a heavier right foot than me, I drive reasonably fast but always try to avoid unnecessary braking, which is what I think makes a big difference to the figures. Thanks Gazwould for informing me about this website. I will have a good look at it. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/
  21. Characteristic , driver error or fault ?

    Whilst the remap has improved the low rpm it's not a cure as it's part my father's driving and part the hardware of the car. Some cars have amazing flexibility low down torque , the 1.7 i40 doesn't . It's a small engine larger turbo arrangement probably to chase favourable CO2 emissions . 1.7 136 and a VAG 2.0 140 , the larger turbo in the Hyundai allows for near 2.0 peak figures at the expense of slower spool of the larger turbo . A larger engine smaller turbo is the sweeter drive and this car should of had a 2.0 or twin turbo . Triple turbo's will be seen in the near future .
  22. You have done well to get those figures.
  23. Coolant loss solved

    Over the past 3 or 4 months of losing approximately 1 litre of coolant every 2000 miles today the temperature gauge rose by 2 notches . checked under the hood and no coolant whatsoever. Top of the engine soaked. Coolant hose that runs from the bulk head to the EGR cooler he'd a pin prick . £55 for a replacement is on order. in the mean time iv slid the jubilee clip holding hose to bulk head down over the hole and that's working just fine for now. Well happy with myself for that, proven top bodger, that's me!
  24. Now on my third i40 so thought I would share my experience of mpg and faults My first car on a 62 plate gave me 50 mpg average over 15k miles (I40 Tourer 1.7 Crdi 136PS Blue Drive) Faults; computer touch screen replaced twice My second car on a 64 plate gave me 54 mpg average over 15k miles (I40 Tourer 1.7 Crdi 136PS Blue Drive) Faults; Difficult gearchange and low clutch pedal. Solved by removing clutch slave cylinder and work to the gear linkage. Hyundai later admitted to known design fault and replaced this at 9,000 miles for a later design. Front disc pads needed replacement at 20k miles My latest car i40 1.7 crdi 141 dct-7 (7 speed dual-clutch semi automatic transmission) and over its first 1k using automatic only is achieving 51 mpg, more than I expected from an automatic. My driving is split 30/70 Town and motorway.
  25. Rear brakes binding

    Oooohhh. Lol. Thanks.
  26. Rear brakes binding

    Sorry, for my ignorance. What's VAG?
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