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  2. Apple Car Play

    The dealer is lying ... and you should say so imo.
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  4. Replacing indicator light on wing mirror

    I’ve just done it today but had a few difficulties doing it as the replacement was a pattern part and the connector isn’t identical to the Hyundai connector. As it got dark I ended up unbolting the mirror off from the inside of the car so i could work in the garage. Easy enough taking the glass mirror off and unplugging the heated mirror connections, then you can unscrew the fixings that hold the led indicator on. Problem I have though is the new indicator doesnt work so I think the issue is the existing cable has corroded. Need to take a look at it tomorrow. If need be I can post a couple of photos of the removal
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  6. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Update: correct battery fitted today. Finally!! Halfords supplied and branded AGM 096... that they say they don’t carry.
  7. Apple Car Play

    Thanks Ian51. Here is the firmware on my i40 at present. It has Android Auto but not CarPlay. The dealer I bought from was told by his service engineer that this is the latest software being reported from Hyundai. It is an Oct 16 car.
  8. Satnav

    motor mods in Cheltenham if you are near the area
  9. Stop Start/Fuel issue

    Can anyone advice me please my ix20 diesel has developed a odd problem instead of it going into a auto start by depressing the clutch or pressing on brake pedal it goers into a stall mode and needs to be restarted on the ignition key been told by Hyundai they have never heard of it only got 1 months warranty left any advice please
  10. Apple Car Play

    That's not software for facelift i40's Finbarr - you need to get yours done at the dealers. Look up to my posts on August 16 and you'll see the carplay version number. That software is for older i40's with a different head unit - the files are dated 2014!
  11. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Yea...but it might not be the same issue as the 2.0 diesel could have a different clutch and flywheel to the 1.7 diesel. Agree there are indeed plenty of options available...but I like the car a lot and want to keep it so I'm willing to see where this goes for the moment. Most options require the manufacturer to be given a reasonable opportunity to fix the issues anyway so there is really no point me being unreasonable from the get go. Did you end up giving your car back or did you get it fixed/still living with it?
  12. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hi my friend Hyundai have know of this problem by the sounds of it for over a year, and as they say still looking into it!!!!wow. Say to them under the consumer act that the vehicle is not of merchantable quality. not fit for purpose and that under the act you are entitled to certain rights.You never mentioned the warranty? what did they say or show you in writing?
  13. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Just a brief update...don't intend on doing a running commentary of my issue. Basically I emailed the customer service address given by another poster and they came straight back and followed up with a call. It looks like there is a known issue that Hyundai are trying to address via a redesign of the clutch/flywheel (not sure which). The lady said she wasn't aware of the issue affecting the 2.0 diesel but that could just be that there aren't as many 2.0 diesels on the roads and I'm pretty sure mine was one of the first out there so I may have just got to it before others.... I do remember driving for many months without seeing another Tucson! They did say if it's the known judder issue (to be confirmed by the dealer) then this isn't a safety issue and I can still use the car while they come up with a fix - I'll be needing an email to confirm that I think. The main symptom I get is there is a judder in 1st/2nd and reverse when the car is cold...once warmed up you barely notice it but sometimes it's still there. It feels a lot like my volvo did when the DMF was busted but I'm not sure the hyundai has a DMF so this may simply be a coincidence. It definitely doesn't feel like a contaminated or worn clutch...it's definitely a judder and not a slipping clutch. Lets see what happens....I really hope that I wasn't wrong about this brand.
  14. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Lets see what happens when I chat with them on Saturday...either they will be reasonable or we'll all be wasting ALOT of time. Fortunately I've been through this nonsense before...it usually ends the same way after a lot of time wasting! I was just very surprised at their attitude...bought almost the top spec model and would have been buying a new one from them in 10 months time until this happened. Glad I found out sooner rather than later about their attitude and warranty limitations. I will read the stuff which came with the car...I'm surprised they can claim a 5 year warranty and then insert a bunch of clauses limiting parts to 2 years! 20,000 miles and a new clutch....pfffff....so clutches now last less time than tyres on a Hyundai!!
  15. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hi. All sounds a bit.......Look under the 5yr warranty and see for yourself what is or not covered. If you cannot find it ask them to show you in (writing) where the statement is.If anything it will be under wear items used...i.e tyres brake shoes etc. "0.000 mls on a clutch does seem very very low. Secondly I would point out the consumer act of October 2015..Look it up..it is online for all to see and get to know what rights you have BEFORE going back to them. I am still waiting on mine. If you do get a new car ....pay by credit card and again get to know what rights you have in a 30 day period and even up to 6 years. I hope this helps you in your quest for "power to the people"!! regards Ian
  16. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    I just took my Tucson 2.0 Diesel manual in for it's 20,000 mile service. I mentioned that there was a clutch judder that needed looking at...staff looked very uneasy...shuffling around in their seats and I got the clear impression that they knew exactly what the problem was but were pretending this was the first they'd heard of the issue. My car has 20,000 miles (just) and is 2 years and 2 months old...as quick as a flash the guy behind the counter told me that it was 2 years and 2 months and the warranty on clutch plates is 2 years so it isn't covered. I was literally going to pop into their show room to pick out a brand new Tucson as I fancied the AWD next (this was my first Hyundai)...lets wait and see what happens. I told them to perform the major service and do a test drive/visual inspection of the judder and report back. They mentioned that if the gearbox needs removing them they'd call me for the go ahead...I must look like an idiot or something. When a car that is barely 2 years old and 20,000 fails then I smell a rat....for comparison my old Volvo has 175,000 miles on the clock and has had just 1 clutch/DMF change. Being quite a stubborn chap I'm prepared to dig in and fight...so if they don't change their tune when I pick the car up then I'll be looking to get an independent strip down and engineers report....that should get to the bottom of what is actually going wrong...saves time in the long run especially once the legals start flying around. Just cannot believe the attitude of the main dealer...I thought I was buying a descent car from a descent dealer, if Hyundai really want to sell this car upwards in the market they need to pull their socks up I think...I gave the brand the benefit of the doubt and was very happy up until my first service! Interesting that there is a clutch and flywheel redesign...anyone got any more info (e.g. part numbers for old and new maybe).
  17. Power drops off at 3000 revs

    Hello, Was wondering how you fixed this issue. My Hyundai is doing the same thing. Thanks Steven
  18. Power loss

    Hi, Hope someone can help. When my Ix35 is warmed up, once I rev over 3000rpm I feel a loss of power. The car will not rev over 3000rpm and feels like it is in limp mode. If I turn the engine off and restart then it is fine until I rev over 3000rpm. No engine light comes on. steven
  19. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    It's not that different to a dealer aftermarket warranty which also is a smoke screen to prevent you from using the weapon of mass dealer destruction The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 .
  20. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    You can find the massive list of stuff that isn't actually covered by the 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty below Description Warranty Coverage (Period) Warranty Coverage (Mileage) Clutch disc 24 Months 60,000 Miles Brake Friction Linings 24 Months 20,000 Miles V Belts 24 Months Unlimited Mileage Oil Filter (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Air/Fuel Filter (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Spark Plugs (Service Item) Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Warranted up to 1st scheduled change in specific Model Service Schedule. Air Con Re-gas (no defect evident) Up to Maximum 6 Months 10,000 Miles Adjustments Up to Maximum 6 Months 10,000 Miles Wiper Blades 12 Months 10,000 Miles Fuses 12 Months 10,000 Miles Bulbs 12 Months 10,000 Miles Batteries 24 Months Unlimited Mileage Wheel Bearings Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Ball Joints Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Bushes 60 Months 60,000 Miles Track Rod End 60 Months 60,000 Miles Dampers, Struts Front/Rear 60 Months 60,000 Miles All Rubber Components 60 Months 60,000 Miles Tyres Warranty is handled by the tyre manufacturer. Warranty is handled by the tyre manufacturer. link to the original https://www.hyundai.co.uk/misc-pages/5_year_warranty/limited_coverage
  21. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    That was my thought when I raised the issue within 5 years. They deem after two years it’s wear and tear, just like the clutch and suspension components, they don’t have the full 5 year warranty either... no idea on oem manufacturer as it’s just a black box
  22. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Why is Hyundai battery warranty only 2 years whereas aftermarket are sold with 3 - 5 or even Lifetime if you go Yuasa Black . Who is the Hyundai battery oem ?
  23. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Hyundai battery warranty was only 2 years. Halfords recommended. I just went in and said my battery has died, can you fit me a new one... Popped back in this evening. Spoke with the assistant manager. Showed him what was what. He searched for the battery based on my reg. came up with the same one they fitted. Then he noticed (after I pointed it out) it said EXL stop/start in very small text!! he’s getting back to me after he’s spoken with his boss. He’s not sure of the way forward from here... they’ve fitted the wrong battery and in doing so broken a bit of my car, likely only fixable via Hyundai. Halfrauds fix has got me on the road but, to quote the bloke today, it’s killing the battery they’ve installed. I’m sure it’ll be get it fixed and bill them... more hassle... interestingly, they say they don’t stock a battery for a stop/start i40, but I can see it on their website!!! AGM 096. I wonder if it needs ‘programming’ in to the ecu (as I’ve read some do) and they don’t have the necessary kit? Oh well, I’ll see what they say and carry my jump starter with me!!
  24. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    If it’s not doing the job required then surely your warrenty would kick in. You did mention you had the same battery fitted as me in the other thread. I Just assumed you had the non stop start. Did they actually recommend the 030 or did you tell them thats the one that you wanted.?
  25. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Can’t disagree with hindsight definitely don’t have time for this...
  26. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Halfrauds are a liability their battery info is wrong , even since 10 years ago when a friend got one for a 2.0 Hyundai coupe , their info said the previous model was one and the same . This year a Nissan 005 , when it was a 007R . A just a few days ago on a Ford a 100 when it was a 110 , fortunately I measured and it was definitely the bigger battery but they still maintained it was a 100 . Retards .
  27. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Now positive they've fitted a standard 030 battery (for non stop/start) instead of an AGM 096 !!! no wonder they had issues!
  28. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    I get the stop/start is deactivated message all the time. But then my stop/start hasn’t worked for years!! i know there’s a great long list of criteria that needs to be met in order for it to actually work and I seem to recall one of them is temperature?
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