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    • Ok here goes 2012 premium tourer blue .rear sensors failed and replaced  short engine replaced new head gaskget .new radiator .suspension mod rear clutch mod .been in and out for overfuelling .back in at the moment had independent oil test from miller oils came back 27% diluted with diesel .hyundai wouldnt accept this and had their own test done and came back ok .its currently back in for overfuelling and front sensor fail with leather wearing off steering wheel and rattle from dash with vibration to exhaust heat sheild. So been driving from aug to now with diluted engine oil ,i did inform dealership that on returning home from short engine refit that there was in fact no coolant and oil was an inch up the dipstick abd smelled of diesel but got fobbed off that all was ok .got a call a couple of weeks ago that my service and mot were due from dealership which was incorrect but asked when warranty was due to expire and was told 17th aoril this year. Booked car in and guess what ? It was due to exipre 2 days after being booked in on the 20th feb .would i buy another hyundai ???  Answer only if it was in warranty .now waiting to hear back from dealer as to what hyundai are going to do ,my concern is thst it will need another short motor and head  after being run so long with diluted oil as well as maybe new egr and ecu and perhaps new manifold as per one of the other members cars. But its 2 days to warranty expries and im scepitcal if they will ratify such spending .sorry for such a long post but have been reading this forum for over a year now and only just got round to posting .when it comes back its going and im having audi a4 avant se  cheers all happy motoring sam
    • Hi all had i40 tourer for around a year its a 2012 premium blue drive version as usual its been to the dealers a few times and as i type its there again .i will look to post a new thread in relevent spot,overall nice car but spoilt with inherant design flaws .cheers all, great site .sam
    • Yeah I've had that, yet another parking sensor fault
    • Try a few other Hyundai dealers in your area first. My Hyundai dealership charges £199 but I'm in North West
    • Roof rails issue  common as muck and replaced under warranty .  You can go elsewhere but the oil and filters have to be stealer perfect otherwise they'll pick holes in the event of a claim .  The way to do it is get Hyundai to price match .   
    • Hi All This is my first post.  I have just inquired with a main dealer the cost of an i40s first service. they came back with a price of £312 which seems a bit steep. I have heard you can send your car to any vat registered dealer. has anyone had any experience of doing this and has it caused any problems later on with Hyundai? Also one of the roof rails is starting to lift. do you think this is covered by the warranty?   many thanks 
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