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    • The rear o/s disc is definitely scored and I'd say in need of replacement. I've contacted my local garage and he has all the up to date diagnostic gubbens required for the job. Just need to get the price from him now for the replacement. 
    • I'd call that a result Garry!  I'm not at all surprised that there was a fault with the clutch, rather than friction plate wear which would be most unusual at that mileage.  That meant the difference between warranty work and the emptying of your wallet! As for the brakes, I think you're quite right to have them done elsewhere.  As 'aabs' and 'Westkent' have indicated, brake pad replacement isn't beyond the competence of a decent non-franchised repairer or indeed anyone reasonably familiar with car maintenance DIY.  While the rear pads could be in need of replacement, the actual discs are probably fine.  Rear brakes only provide a small proportion of the job of bringing a vehicle to a halt, the fronts doing the lion's share.   If it were me, unless the rear discs prove to be either badly worn, (measurable and usually obvious to the naked eye and a fingernail test), or warped, (unusual), which is difficult to see but can be measured on a clock gauge, I'd simply replace the pads.  In the course of rear brake examination, the cause of a sticking handbrake should come to light.  Given that you have been saved the clutch replacement costs, I'd be inclined to let your favoured non-Hyundai repairer check out the handbrake and pads. Indalo
    • My interior light is not going off even though all doors are closed. It's the front light, the back passenger is fine. I've tried the switch but nothing is happening. Please help! 
    • Pleased for you Gary - seems like it's gone as well as could be expected. Nice one!
    • Well, the car has been in to the garage, and come out with a new clutch housing and seal. All done under warranty. Can't believe the difference, like a new car now! The brakes are still an issue, but there is no way they will get done under warranty, so I am looking in to getting them done elsewhere.  We're not getting charged for the courtesy car either I am glad to say. All is well again! Thanks all for the advice and so on, much appreciated,   Garry
    • Yeah - good so far, really good to drive - loving it so far!
    • Welcome to the forum Jamie. With the greatest of respect, I know from experience that the i40 battery is very well placed for easy access.  If you are daunted by the idea of attaching charger terminals or jump leads, then I suggest you ask a friend or neighbour, perhaps more familiar than you with such matters, to help you. Indalo
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