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    • I think most of it is good alignment on the max height allowed to see up the road , it doesn't matter how bright the bulbs are if they're pointing down you aren't going to see Jack...    Abzy did fit HID but didn't follow up with any product links or pics .    H7 LED are probably the way forward but there are so many out there I wouldn't know where to begin .    Both the above HID and LED are technically illegal to fit in place of halogen but often pass MOT anyway if not too blue .    Consider an 'E' marked  performance halogen with a high pressure Xenon gas fill such as Ring Xenon 130%.    They will always be yellow @ 3700K , father is using some E13 marked 5000K , probably the whitest E marked H7's .    I wish people would use a lower suitable viscosity oil to cure these poor cold gear changes . 
    • Have the firmware updates ceased to be available now? I checked my car and I am on Firmware version 5.5.1 I think. When I go to the links on this thread all I get when I click on the i40 tourer is a message saying I need to go to a dealer. Bit of a bummer as the nearest one is 20 miles away.
    • Hi Newbie here. I know there has been discussion on the poor headlamps on the i40 before and I am afraid this has been a long standing complaint I have with the car. My car is fitted with the standard headlamp (halogen) and I wondered if it is possible to buy a couple of used Xenon units from an auction site or breakers. They expensive even used so I thought I would come on here first and check that it is possible to fit a Xenon unit in place of a standard unit. Is there more to it than this? In summary regarding my i40 (13 plate bought in 14) the dealer has been useless in finding a solution for me. Things are so bad I am reluctant to drive the car in the dark as the dipped beam is non existent and I barely get a dull yellowish glow from the front. There's no beam pattern and I generally have to drive on full beam which I don't like doing for obvious reasons. If I can't use full beam I have to use the front fogs which offer a bit better illumination. If anyone has found a solution to the headlamp situation I would love to hear. It's a shame as apart from the 1st gear change in the cold I love the car. Cheers Jon
    • Yes no problem , iv disconnected many times without an issue. where did you source yours , I couldn't find anywhere other than main dealer unless I was prepared to wait at least a couple of days. needed urgently so paid the price. Although once your original 2 yr warrenty is out Hyundai supply with a 3 yr warrenty.
    • After a little advice, bought new battery today, can i change this myself without losing memory in everything ? Thanks.
    • Nice. Wonder what the price is going to be.
    • Reborn as the Genesis G70 !    http://jalopnik.com/2018-genesis-g70-heres-how-south-korea-fights-the-germ-1813389001   https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.topgear.com/car-news/first-look/genesis-g70-koreas-3-series-fighter%3famp
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