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    • Nice one Finbarr ! Passed this info to a multi national FaceBook i40 group as it might help someone in a similar position. Hoping that's okay? Cheers.
    • FYI I have posted a short blog post with full english instructions on how to do the upgrade, for anyone who is interested.
    • Hey Ian, Yep I totally understand. I would also have went with the Hyundai method if it weren't for the rip-off republic being in effect . The update I installed last night removes the need to use an SD which came with the car, which is a nice added benefit. I recorded the update as I did it and posted the video on youtube for anyone else who is wondering how it is done. Thanks for your help with all of this. It was this thread that got me thinking it was at all possible in the first place, and for that I am grateful. Regards Finbarr
    • Gave it a shot and the cable  fits right behind the top of the a pillar trim, and into the door seal and across the back of the glove box (mine is LHD) Will investigate the fuse tapper for a more permanent solution and to avoid having the cable plugged into the charger all the time. Also found what seems to be the part number I need, which is called the "housing fuel filler door" part number 815953Z000. But apparently the sprign rod is not sold on its own.
    • Apparently that part is not sold separately, I only found the complete housing fuel filler door part number 815953Z000 in the catalog. Now searching on breakers and scrappers sites to try and find one.
    • Finbarr - Well done if you've tested these files and its worked for you. I'll give it a miss though thanks - I get it done free under the warranty cover of Hyundai! Shame we can't copy the SD card somehow but I guess that's the point of Secure Digital with its locked content. Thanks for your efforts non the less and enjoy the added connectivity. Best regards.
    • Ok so eventually I figured this out.  I know Ian you were saying the software update is free at the local dealer, but the local Hyundai dealer here in the Irish republic doesn’t think so was looking for €100 for “labour” costs. So I looked to get the update files online and found them on another forum.  Instructions on how to download and update to get Apple Carplay version (EUR) are here: https://www.drive2.ru/l/492401715044155399 Download Update Folder: https://yadi.sk/d/2P-O8kHN3RNyd5 and put on a USB drive (FAT32) and in car with car engine on.  Go to system…update, etc. During the upgrade you might get an error (109). At this point use a ballpoint pen to press the reset button at the side of CD insertion. You need to remove the flash drive otherwise the error will appear in a cyclic form. After the restart, the update continued and was successfully completed. (No need to re-insert the USB key after the reset)     This firmware turns off the verification of SD memory cards with navigation to match the original one. Now files with navigation can be put on any SD card.  Maps Latest Maps can be downloaded here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8Thp/suDqMNSsF/ Do the software upgrade at your own risk, yada yada yada. 
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