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    • When my engine was in bits under warranty, I had the clutch changed and they didn’t charge me labour. Dealer price for clutch kit was £196 inc vat. £2.5k is madness. I can get a gearbox removed, rebuilt and refitted in a day for my Vivaro for £600. Done in a day by a gearbox specialist. A clutch is going to be far less hassle
    • Don’t know if yours is an automatic, Should give you an idea. Good luck with it . https://www.rexbo.eu/hyundai/i40-cw-vf-11/1-7-crdi-43156/repair-kit-clutch-complete-100051
    • Hi all - first time posting, but have been watching since I got my i40 tourer and have picked up plenty from the collective wisdom.  The car is a 2014 1.7 blue drive tourer, bought for size, saftey and reliability to ferry kids around mostly.  Last night very heavy vibration on idle and felt like broken washing machine on driving - fly wheel I guess, as did the AA chap.  Just been on 'phone to Hyundai dealership where it was towed - if it is clutch, they say, as we are now on 63,000 miles and the limit for warranty on that item is 60,000 miles it will be down to me - quick tot up gave figure at around 2.5k for clutch, flywheel and labour.  Not happy at all, to say the least...I think they got the message...left it by saying let's get to the bottom  of the problem, see what it is, see what the book says about who is liable and see if we can come to some agreement, that was my side at least, they simply kept saying 'well, it is over 60,000 miles....' I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience, thoughts, wisdom on that situation with this car with these dealerships (which are very varied, I know) - any ideas for strategy and inside info would be great before I get back on the 'phone with them - I am not really a car guy at all and just end up with steam coming out of my ears when trying to deal with this industry very often.  Not a very interesting first post, but really in need of a steer here!  Thanks!!  Matt And, yes, the headlights are +++++++ dreadful too!
    • I've had my i40 tourer for about 5 years now (with it being about a year old when I bought it), but tomorrow I sell it on. I've mostly loved my i40, and whilst I'm not planning on getting another, I certainly wouldn't avoid them - would like to see a proper update to the model though. Only selling as I'm moving overseas - but it was probably about time anyway, with various faults & niggles started to creep in, but we've had a decent run! I may still lurk for a little while longer, at least until I've moved and settled on the new car (Hyundai's are pretty big where I'm going, so you never know - but I'd probably go for a Tuscon or something rather than the i40, what with the growing family) Had lots of help over the years from the regulars here, and hopefully been able to pass some of that help / experiences on to others too. Happy driving guys & gals.
    • Yes - you're being fobbed off Many people have had the same issue - and to my knowledge, nobody has even had the issue acknowledged by Hyundai, much less actually had it resolved! You don't really notice it after a while - but it's always there - think of it as a 'letting go of the steering wheel prevention mechanism'  
    • My i40 consistently pulls to the left. I have had it realigned three times now and it has not solved the problem. The dealership are now saying that it is road camber causing this apparently "all modern cars are sensitive to road camber". Hmmm, that's strange because I have never seen this issue in other cars that I have driven. So it seems I am being fobbed off here. Has anyone actually had this issue sorted? What are your experiences? 
    • Millers without a doubt is top draw as they produce CFS Nanodrive NT+  , a very good ester racing oil .    I'm confused as to why they've got two identical spec oils ?    However the same high quality VW 504.00 507.00 can be had for less .   https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quantum-Longlife-5W-30-Fully-Synthetic-Engine-Oil-5-Litre-Bottle/222691140295?epid=1705379933&hash=item33d96d22c7:g:dbIAAOSwRZBZyjGh   https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Granville-Hypalube-EVO-Fully-Synthetic-5W-30-Engine-Oil-Additive-Low-SAPS-5-Ltr/122784580291?epid=0&hash=item1c968802c3:g:58EAAOSwVlVZ-HXT
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